Grisaia: Phantom Trigger - The Animation Ep. 1+2 (.ass subtitles, with timing)

2019-05-17 18:33 UTC
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Now with timing, thanks to eXmendiC Subtitles taken from the official Steam release Works fine with [](

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Thanks! To which raws are they timed?

zohead (uploader)

To the steam video :D
Steam, because the subs are untouched. They also work fine with Abema.
Ah oke. I'll check with those
work with this raws ? [U3-Web] Grisaia: Phantom Trigger - The Animation (2019) [Movie][AbemaTV WEB-DL 1080p AVC AAC]
oh i see , it works fine with AbemaTV web version thanks EDIT : it looks great !!! Much appreciated
Do you know when blu-ray version will come out ?
Is this Ova and will there be a Bluray release?
Can someone HELP me, please? How do I get these subs to work with Raw video? I put them in the same folder but don't work.
@Iloveboobs84 You can open subs separately, depending of your player. Or rename the subs exactly the same as the raw's name (don't change ext though). Or remux all into a MKV.
@ZaMpa Thanks for the Info. How do I open them Separately in MPC-HC player. I could change the name as you said but I don't see any ext to not change just ass. Not as it means. I don't know how to Remux into Mkv would like to know how if possible and what do I need to do so. Not familiar with it because I've never attempted it without knowledge of what I'm doing.
@Iloveboobs84 About rename, example : "Video_i_watch.mp4 / subtitle.ass". Rename subs as "Video_i_watch.ass". Player should understand it's the subtitles file for the video you are watching. Remux is easy shit : get MKVToolnix from Matroska website (this tool is just epic), install, open, drag & drop files into the window, and chose "add as new source file" to add files into your mkv, settings are pretty intuitives and user friendly, you can name each stream, set defaut...etc, once it's done, set the output file at the bottom and remux ! It just take the streams (video, audio, subs) and put them into a MKV file. It doesn't transcode anything (direct stream copy) so you keep the exact same quality as source. and remember, MKV is love, MKV is life !