2019-05-16 16:17 UTC
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It's finally here! Terrace house 2019-2020 will continue until 2020 olympics in Japan Please consider seeding for at least a little while so people can download. Sorry for the large file size I'll try to reduce it for future uploads. Subs by: NF The members gather at their new house in Setagaya. Aged 20 to 31, with jobs from illustrator to actor, their time living together begins now.

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i'm soo happy. thanks a lot. i've been waiting for a kind soul to upload it here.
Thank you soooo much!!!
Been waiting for this... Thank you so much!!!
Registered to say thank you so much! So excited for another season.
thank you very much Shamzy !
You are a lifesaver Shamzy! Thank you!
Thanks!!! I hope we get a dedicated uploader. My nickname was born because of last seasons, lol.
Thanks Shamzy!
it was only a matter of time... thanks!!
if possible ... please make it RAW next one, btw thanks ^^
Yay thanks for the upload!
Would it be possible to rip all of the Japanese version (not international version) of Aloha State? Boys and Girls in the City's JP Netflix version was replaced with the International version a few months ago, which means its superior soundtrack literally can't be streamed anymore, even for people living in Japan. I fear the same will happen to Aloha State. The existing downloads on nyaa for Aloha State are the International version.
Thanks heaps!! Looking forward to this series ^_^
Can I get it with Japanese subtitles somewhere?
Holy shit, thanks I didn't know I would find Terrace House here !