Anmitsu Prosecutor Investigation Files - 1 (2016) - English subtitles [1080p][ATTKC]

2019-05-13 11:41 UTC
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[Anmitsu Prosecutor Investigation Files]( (あんみつ検事の捜査ファイル) with English subtitles. 1 (2016), Prosecutor's Tears Dry Off. *Yayoi Kazamaki is a prosecutor in the Kyoto Public Prosecutor's Office, Uji District. She has always been hard on herself, has never made any compromises, and worked hard. Anmitsu is her favorite food, which she often eats with Detective Ishibashi.* *Prosecutor Yayoi Kazamaki's boyfriend from 15 years ago, who is a lawyer, gets murdered. And she is the last person who was known to have seen him alive...* See all Shin-chan releases [here]( [Join the Discord channel/server!]( To contact us or chat with other people. ![ATTKC](

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  • Anmitsu Prosecutor Investigation Files - 01 - English subtitles [1080p][ATTKC][74FC11BC].mkv (4.5 GiB)
please sir, please seed perman some more.
Can you upload season 7 and 8 of Pokemon please?
Do you still have captions for Tsuyoshi Shikkari Shinasai?
Hey guys I have heard (from ATTKC discord channel) that the uploader has passed away :( He contributed a lot to this community. RIP
i am extremely saddened to hear the news. my deepest respect for pannen and my well wishes to those affected.
My deepest condolences :( RIP.
Rest in peace friend. Thanks for all the HD rips!
Just heard from friend that you has passed away, rest in peace friend, Nakagawa.
Really sad to heard that bad news...R.I.P thanks for up so much excellent mystery or suspense files. I will always remember and appreciate it.
Did the uploader of this torrent profile PannenkoekenNL passed away? sorry, i am not following anyone on here so i don't know. One of the best uploader of high quality HD classic animation I've come across. Thanks for uploading some of the best World Masterpiece Theater series! Thanks so much!
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