Code Geass Resurrection Camrip

2019-05-06 03:56 UTC
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3.7 GiB
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3.71gb, Subbed, 1:53:14 runtime. Shitty camrip with annoying fan reactions and the occasional person blocking part of the screen. literally just reuploading subbed

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  • code-geass-lelouch-of-the-resurrection.mp4 (3.7 GiB)
Ew, not gonna lie but the Love Live one was better... Even though not a fan But thanks nonetheless…


Camrip? Who's THAT desperate?
So, is _he_ alive?
I'm desperate, gonna watch this shit anyway
First of all. Thank you so much for this Is there anyone in here that is going to watch it? (I wont watch camrips. sadly) But... Maybe there is a possibility to create a subtitle file out of this camrip movie though? :) using the aegisub software for timing everything for the JP blu-ray release? (Which has still not been coming into a pre-order state though.)
@TheMoonLight i watched it but you wont like it, you can see the cinema and all the people, it's like your sitting there. quality was good and subs are readable but trust me it's not worth downloading. the anime was cool though...
@Anonymous thanks for the upload
This is awesome! I really appreciate it. I'm in a smaller town in a rural area and it's not being shown here. Thank you!
@oreharu what do you mean Love Live was better? There's another version out?
Camrip watchers are the worst.
long wait for this, i dont care about camrip, lets go! thx
any screenshot etc ? anyone knows when its blu ray will come out ? i cant wait is it worth watching ?? (as a code geass fan :P)
@Hooman sure, watch it right now! the camrip is not really bad and the sounds works fine too! there are not any problem and the movie looks fine with subs.
k now downloading X)
camrip releases are also confusing for me.. I mean literally watch Anything else ... you don't even have to "wait" for blu-ray.. just watch other stuff. This way you won't be actively bound to "I CANT WAIT FOR THIS & THAT" ... But instead, you will simply discover months later that "oh.. cool. Bluray is out" At least that's how I've always been with stuff like that. There are plenty of anime/movies/shows that I absolutely want to watch or loved prequels. But if anything that becomes even more of a reason to simply watch BD release to get maximum enjoyment out of your "must watch" things..
Btw no news when the BD out?
I bought the BDs. So soon.
@LateNightSnack where did you find it? I couldnt find anything about the blu ray on the internet
@LateNightSnack waiting .....
where's the BD, ill start watching this one now....
> where’s the BD, ill start watching this one now… Announced that it'll be released in december
The official website for Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, the latest all-new sequel film in the Code Geass anime franchise, announced today that its DVD/Blu-ray is set to be released in Japan on December 5, 2019. December 5 is the birthday of the protagonist Lelouch Lamperouge in the story.