Shiroi Kumo Vol. 01 (Complete) (Scanlation) [Storm in Heaven, Kotonoha & Leilei]

2019-04-30 10:39 UTC
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![alt text]( "Logo Title Text 1") > **_"Includes the following short stories:_** > > **_1. Once Upon a Time A lost little girl wants to find her way home..._** > > **_2. See You Next Time A girl calmly reminisces about her dead friend._** > > **_3. Imp in the Night A little imp wonders why he's afraid of the night._** > > **_4. Sakura Antique Store The story of an old watch sitting in the window display of the Sakura Antique Store._** > > **_5. Shiroi Kumo (White Clouds) A beautiful and touching story about life, death, and the heartening belief that we will all arrive at the same place when our time has come._** > > **_6. Molehill The story of a young mole who decides to become human so that he can see his girlfriend's face..._** > > **_7. The Lands of Dreams A girl is trapped in an endless dream..._** > > **_8. Grape Picking Two teachers discuss the godliness of children._** > > **_9. Let's Go Home An elderly couple's reminiscences as they pay a visit to the village from their shared childhood._** > > **_10. The Story of a Flower They don't have a mother, but..._** > > **_11. The Road Where Flowers Bloom A careworn man whose life stuck in a rut, a book with Sakura blossoms stuck in the pages, a mysterious woman who claims to have been killed by him, a childhood best friend's mysterious reappearance..._** > > **_12. Egg Water The taste of the water bubbling up from a well in the backyard of a little old lady's house..._** > > **_13. Hoppie's Bear The unlikely friendship between a lovelorn office worker and a strange -- and strangely mature -- girl._** > > **_14. To A Certain Place... Returning home."_** > ###### (MU) - - - ### I will be seeding this for a limited time, so please seed plenty when done. ![alt text]( "Logo Title Text 1") ## Thank You ~🐾 # 📍 ###### [Nothing removed; I only unzipped files, merged and converted to cbz]

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You're welcome. Also, thank you so much to whoever is seeding this, too. 😄🍉