Gunjou No Magmel (2019) 04.mkv [864 x 486p / HEVC / x265 / Audio Jap / Sub Eng]

2019-04-29 04:33 UTC
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File Name : Gunjou No Magmel (2019) 04.mkv Video Tracks : HEVC (H265 Main @L3.0) Audio Tracks : AAC 2.0 [Jpn] Audio Sample Rate : 48 kHz Resolution : 864 x 486p Audio : Japan Subtitle : English Tool Name : Handbrake 1.2.1 2019021700 Source : / [ThundraSubs] *****FYI~ this release was encoded from [ThundraSubs] instead of [Mirrored]. From the next chapter, i will upload from [Mirrored] back~ hope they release as fast as [ThundraSubs] GANBATTE [Mirrored] !!! my encoding purpose “ONLY” to make the file smaller and convert all the whatever video fucking format into MKV x265. Click Link Below to Check out for Hot Sake~ please seed after download. It’s only you and me. not other’s. Real BIG Thanks for those who succeed to Seed up to ratio of 1:1 you are what we call BRO. arigatou~ please enjoy~ and please seed back~ サポートしてくれてありがとう

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  • Gunjou No Magmel (2019) 04.mkv (107.5 MiB)
there's almost no country where the internet is worse than 2 Mbps average. Who the hell is watching anime in 480p? Just wait a few hours even on the worst quality and you'll get 1080p file. Seriously, who is watching such low resolution files and why?

FuckIsrael (uploader)

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@Kougeru You see not everyone wants to watch every single anime in high quality. In fact I only watch those anime which are ongoing for a long time in 1080p. In the first place you should have gone somewhere else where there is good quality. Why you come here to abuse these encodes.
Nobody fucks with FuckIsrael. Whats up with the weird resolution choice anyway.

FuckIsrael (uploader)

this is my reference for scaling. i always put Anamorphic : Loose. would anybody want more of my special healing prayer?
@FuckIsrael can I have some special healing prayer thanks
I am in India and I only get 1GB/day so this is a god send for me...