NEKO-NIN exHeart 2 Love +PLUS [Visual Novel; English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese]

2019-04-27 07:05 UTC
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#### **If the download is too slow, you can visit this [link]( as it is almost the same. I think you just need to delete update1.ypf in pac to become all age version.** **This is [Steam Edition](** ![alt text]( **Title**: NEKO-NIN exHeart 2 Love +PLUS **Original title**: 猫忍えくすはーと2 LOVE +PLUS **Developer**: Whirlpool **Publishers**: Sekai Project **Release Date**: 27 Apr, 2019 **Language**: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese **Voice**: Japanese **Description** We highly recommend playing the rest of the NEKO-NIN series before starting Love +PLUS! Nin nin! YURA SCENARIO Through a series of crazy circumstances, the Houjou household has grown into quite the large family upon taking Maya and Ritsu into the fold. Yura, on the other hand, is staunchly opposed to this change and wants to win over Haruki's affections. Finding herself unjustly punished, she tries faking a runaway from home. And when she reaches the park, she sees some girls from Haruki's class gossiping. But about what, exactly...? TAMA SCENARIO Tama has awakened to her sense of justice through the joys of magical girls. Taking a short break from her ninja duties, she keeps herself vigilant of her master and tries her best to deliver justice wherever it may be served. Thus, Tama begins her new journey (?) of magical girl shenanigans to keep the peace around town. RITSU SCENARIO Ritsu wants to set herself apart from her lackadaisical cohorts and is determined to do proper work to help support Haruki with family expenses. Her job hunt begins, along with a display of surprising... talents? MAYA SCENARIO The skill gap Maya has with everyone else is apparent to Maya and she finds herself at a loss on just how to fill it. Trying to get away and take a breather from everyone taking her lightly, she goes to the park where she finds a lost kitty. As a fellow feline (?), Maya can't find it in herself to abandon the little guy, so she demands to let it stay at the house and keep it, making Maya a mommy...? Features Four short stories for Yura, Tama, Ritsu, and Maya! Adorable art from Takano Yuki Continues the NEKO-NIN story Animated cat ears. **Screenshots** ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text](

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