[RATS] High Score Girl - s01e15 [900p]

2019-04-27 04:24 UTC
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**Video:** [Okay-Raws 60fps](https://nyaa.si/view/1132764) **Translator:** Netflix (edited) **Karaoke:** Haircut Anon (restyled) **Timing/Typesetting:** Giant Rat **QC/Extra Translation:** Rat **Encoding:** -libx264 -preset slow -tune animation -crf 22 **Translator's Note:** About half of the signs were translated from scratch by the QC, as was a line of dialogue not present in the Netflix subs. **Karaoker's Note:** The opening song was not present in this episode, hence why OP karaoke is absent. **Typesetter's Note:** Motion tracking + 60fps = bad granola. Thus, an executive decision was made to use \move tags instead. There were also cases where exact style matching would have been too blurry to read; these were ditched in favor of more legible alternatives, at the expense of not blending in as well. **Editor's Note:** The reason this episode took so long is that there were quite a few untranslated signs, as well as a couple more that were translated poorly. There was also the matter of typesetting each and every one of the signs, be it an original, edited, or untouched official translation. **Encoder's Note:** Still using Motbob's 900p raw due to laziness. In the event of a batch, UCCUSS' 1080p encode will be used instead. However, a batch is not likely any time soon because it would require QC'ing Haircut Anon's subs for episodes 1-12, which is quite an undertaking. If someone else out there wants to make a complete season one batch, feel free to use our subs for episodes 13-15. **Uploader's Note:** This overly elaborate description exists in lieu of having the release splattered with translator's notes.

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does it matter what video source you use if you're gonna ruin the quality by re-encoding it with such shit settings?


>-preset slow -tune animation -crf 22 **Y I K E S**