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2019-04-26 02:05 UTC
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When I uploaded [Policenauts]( yesterday, someone asked about Snatcher, so I went looking and here it is. Included are: * The unpatched MSX2 compatible .dsk files * The raw .ips patch files, downloaded from * The patched disk files, downloaded from * The 1995 Sega CD release The MSX version is the original version of the game, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work (MSX emulation is complicated). The Sega CD version takes a lot less trouble to emulate, but has a few censored scenes-- though those are widely considered fairly minor/unobtrusive changes, and it arguably makes up for it with some new content, enhanced visuals, and voice acting, so a lot of people prefer that version anyway (or so I've heard). I can't guarantee the MSX version will work properly as I haven't been able to properly test it. The unpatched disks boot in openMSX at least, and the English patch does appear to work on them (though it yielded a "boot from disk 0!" error message and I wasn't able to figure out how to do that). If you'd prefer the MSX version, I won't be able to help you make it work if you're not already familiar with the ins and outs of emulating MSX machines or don't have a real MSX computer and disks to burn/play it on (which I certainly don't have myself). If anyone has any tips or a guide or something for emulating the MSX version, that'd be much appreciated. I've spent hours and still haven't been able to figure out what the hell I'm doing. Anyway, the Sega CD version is here for those who don't want to fool around with all that and aren't bothered by the censorship.

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  • Snatcher
    • Snatcher (MSX)
      • Patch Files
        • Snatche1.ips (107.2 KiB)
        • Snatche2.ips (143.9 KiB)
        • Snatche3.ips (287.3 KiB)
      • Patched Disks
        • README.TXT (10.7 KiB)
        • Snatche1.dsk (720.0 KiB)
        • Snatche2.dsk (720.0 KiB)
        • Snatche3.dsk (720.0 KiB)
        • snatche0.dsk (720.0 KiB)
      • Unpatched Disks
        • Snatcher (1988)(Konami)(jp)(Disk 1 of 3)[SCC+].dsk (720.0 KiB)
        • Snatcher (1988)(Konami)(jp)(Disk 2 of 3)[SCC+].dsk (720.0 KiB)
        • Snatcher (1988)(Konami)(jp)(Disk 3 of 3)[SCC+].dsk (720.0 KiB)
    • Snatcher (Sega CD)
      • Snatcher (Sega CD) (U)-redump.bin (596.2 MiB)
      • Snatcher (Sega CD) (U)-redump.cue (1.5 KiB)
Yes!! Thanks for doing this :) Just to be clear. Snatcher MSX needs to be patch, but you aren't sure at doing it so that's why you have to manually do it. But the Sega CD version is prepatched with some censorship + added content and all? Again, Thank you for finding these! I understand how annoying it is to find these from the ends of the earth. I also backed up Xenogears Undub version, In case you are interested as well(on the comments)

joyce-stick (uploader)

There are two copies here of the MSX version, the prepatched Snatcher, and the unpatched Japanese roms with the raw patch files in case someone sees a need to patch the game manually. (I'm not sure why that'd be needed, but better safe than sorry.) And in case someone just wants to use the Japanese version for some reason, if they understand Japanese or are interested in attempting their own translation, who knows. The Sega CD version is an official English localization, and the differences are laid out here: And you are very much welcome!


Since you are uploading these adventure games,would you be able to upload the english pre-patched Android version of Great Ace Attorney? No one has done it so far.
I appreciate this! Can you upload the PC Engine release of SD Snatcher eventually too?
Here's DDL version for future seeding.!4cMTES7B!XCyi2h73bXLvC-DTmkE0Xa1iM0J5dz3BvO6WWPv5Du0 And yes, please upload a prepatched version of Dai Gyakuten Saiban here. I would really appreciate this!