[Natsu] Hinamatsuri - Vol. 05 [BD][1080P][FLAC][Hi10P]

2019-04-22 23:34 UTC
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Hello! I will be working on Hinamatsuri as well! There's only 1 volume left to go, when it gets released I'll upload the last volume and the complete series pack. Subtitles are from Vivid. Encoded by me directly from BDMV. HEVC Version coming soon!

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Hello, natsu-raws. Please re-read the site rules. >Flooding: If you have five or more releases of the same type to release in one go, make a batch torrent containing all of them. Your Hinamatsuri torrents violate this rule. If you do this again, you may be banned at the discretion of a moderator. Next time, if you have _5 or more_ torrents of the same type ready to release on the same day, just combine them into one batch.

natsu-raws (uploader)

@Minami I'm so sorry, I definitely should read the rules to avoid causing more trouble in the future. I was not aware of this. It will definitely not happen again. Sorry.
And yet its perfectly acceptable for Leopard-raws to upload 11 torrents all together. Sure they're not all from the same series, but that is significantly more annoying than what natsu-raws has done here.
Rule breaker or not, TYVM for the upload! <3
@natsu, thanks for all the trouble you went into / caused ^_^ i missed this series completely before and, had you not made it this prominent, i wouldn't have noticed it this time either ;) i just watched the first 3 eps and it's so funny
@natsu-raws You are getting reliable. Keep up the good work. Please make a batch when you do all volumes
wow imagine actually following rules like some kind of fucking nerd hahaha

natsu-raws (uploader)

@yuki It's an amazing show :)

natsu-raws (uploader)

@gsk_ Thanks! Will definitely make the batch and delete the individual volume torrents.


Hey thanks a lot for this. Really awesome. Will you include the NC OP ED btw?

natsu-raws (uploader)

@npz Thanks! I will include it with the final batch :)