[HnY] Beyblade Burst GT 03 (1280x720 x264 AAC) [3105BF9B].mkv

2019-04-21 18:30 UTC
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Beyblade Burst GT 03 - Seer-iously!? Wizard Fafnir! Raw Provider/QC: DranzerX13 Translator: Cid TLC: bluesun/Beybla-ta Timer: Ayden We will be having same week releases, as you guys won’t have to worry about wondering when the next subbed episode will be out. We’ve got you covered, Bey Fans. Enjoy this second episode of Beyblade Burst GT. Also, like the past series Metal Fight Beyblade Zero G which was released as half episodes at 12 minutes an episode on TV, then on Japanese DVD and other international territories as full 23 minute episodes. We will also be doing the full version episodes as well every 2-3 weeks if you guys don’t like the 12 minute an episode format. Enjoy!

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  • [HnY] Beyblade Burst GT 03 (1280x720 x264 AAC) [3105BF9B].mkv (152.2 MiB)
Can you do subtitles for the Beyblade Burst 2016? Trying to find it but nothing except dubbed. =/

DranzerX13 (uploader)

We already have. Here you go! https://nyaa.si/view/1027243 I will seed.
Great job as always. Thank you DranzerX13-sama!!
Dranzer, waaaah, thank you!!! I tried to find it but none had the seeds. You're amazing! ^_^
Can you reseed Burst God ep 6-8-9-14-16?