Carole & Tuesday (2019) 02.mkv [864 x 486p / HEVC / x265 / Audio Jap / Sub Eng]

2019-04-21 10:37 UTC
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File Name : Carole & Tuesday (2019) 02.mkv Video Tracks : HEVC (H265 Main @L3.0) Audio Tracks : AAC 2.0 [Jpn] Audio Sample Rate : 48 kHz Resolution : 864 x 486p Audio : Japan Subtitle : English Tool Name : Handbrake 1.2.1 2019021700 Source : / [PAS] Please download the file from the link provided for a Higher Quality and Bigger Resolution my encoding purpose “ONLY” to make the file smaller and convert all the whatever video fucking format into MKV x265. i take no credit from A to Z for Creating, Timing, Translation, and the rest except converting the video into 480p MKV x265. Click Link Below to Check out for Hot Sake~ please seed after download. It’s only you and me. not other’s. Real BIG Thanks for those who succeed to Seed up to ratio of 1:1 you are what we call BRO. arigatou~ please enjoy~ and please seed back~ サポートしてくれてありがとう

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  • Carole & Tuesday (2019) 02.mkv (106.5 MiB)
I really don't know why the fuck you encode in 486p!!
plz make Pseudo an example work like him or just quite Format/Info : HEVC / x265 Resolution :1280x720 File size: 91.1 MiB

FuckIsrael (uploader)

D O I T Y O U R S E L F ! !
So You can't, I thought you did not want to.
that's kinda weird resolution. 854x480 would be good. thx btw