[RATS] High Score Girl - s01e13v2 [900p]

2019-04-16 15:43 UTC
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207.4 MiB
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**Video:** [Okay-Raws 60fps](https://nyaa.si/view/1132764) **Translator:** Netflix (edited) **Karaoke:** Haircut Anon (restyled) **Timing/Typesetting:** Giant Rat **QC:** Rat **Encoding**: `-libx264 -preset slow -tune animation -crf 22` v2 with 60fps video for improved frame timing. Episode 14 coming as soon as the encoding job is done. A word of caution: if using the RokuTV Plex client, the video and subs will lag ~2 seconds behind the audio. This can be fixed by lowering the bitrate (at the expense of subtitle clarity) or by remuxing with [Ohys-Raws](https://nyaa.si/view/1131317). Other Plex clients (and other video players) do not appear to have this problem.

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  • [RATS] High Score Girl - s01e13v2 [900p].mkv (207.4 MiB)
If you're going to reencode, you should probably reencode (and downscale, if you want) from UCCUSS. Best to encode from the highest-filesize source out there, all else being equal. And if you're going to encode at this low of a filesize, consider using HEVC instead of H.264. Low filesizes are HEVC's strength, after all.
Facepalm. I didn't see the UCCUSS version because I searched for "high score girl" and they had it as "hi score girl". Thus, I thought yours *was* the highest-filesize source. Anyway, the main purpose of the encoding was to lower the bitrate from 3.4Mbps to a more reasonable 1.2Mbps. It is already smaller than the non-60fps Ohys-Raws, so if that's what we're competing with in terms of filesize, I see no reason to decrease the size any further.
My point isn't that you should lower the bitrate further, but rather that HEVC might give you better image quality at the bitrate you've chosen.