[Natsu] Sword Art Online - Ordinal Scale [BD][1080P][FLAC 2.0+5.1][Hi10P]

2019-04-13 22:44 UTC
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27.7 GiB
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Enjoy! Will be also releasing HEVC version for those seeking lower-sized files. English & Japanese subtitles included from original BD release.

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eyo why torrent big?

natsu-raws (uploader)

@Arysil I understand not everyone wants such high-sized content, and that's why I'll also be uploading a HEVC, smaller version.
^ Most People don't but there are those who like quality, so don't worry this is ok aswell
@Natsuraws you completely missed the point. Size doesn't always mean high quality. @arysil looks big bcz there are two audios one being untouched DTS one.

natsu-raws (uploader)

@gsk_ Of course, size doesn't always mean high quality, you're absolutely right. That's why I have NOT mentioned the word "quality" in my description or comments. The reason that my AVC encodes are so large in size is actually more of an "insurance". What I mean is, perhaps the quality could be exactly the same at a lower size, but I want to make sure I'm doing all I can for the quality to be as good as possible. That's why I'm also releasing a HEVC version that has a minimal (5-20%) loss of quality but is infinitely smaller. And yes, the two audios make a total of around 3.5GB I believe. @Ham178 I know I'll receive a lot of hate for uploading such large-sized content, but I don't care. I know there's a small public for it. Thanks for the support.

natsu-raws (uploader)

Let me know if anyone has any request of something I should encode
Can I request, "My Hero Academia Season 3" on BD version, 1080p resolution?