Dragon Ball Z - Trunks TV Special HD Remaster (960x720 GYAO)

2019-04-12 19:28 UTC
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1.3 GiB
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The HD remaster of the Trunks TV Special that Toei uploaded on GYAO yesterday, with the FUNimation subs, lightly edited. The audio has been replaced with the broadcast audio for added clarity. The only audio present on this encode is Japanese – a multi-audio encode may or may not come in the future.

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  • Dragon Ball Z - TV Special 2 (HD Remaster) [Puto][CB26315A].mkv (1.3 GiB)
Sweet. Problem solved. Now TOEI just needs to release TV SP1 + TV SP2 on Blu-ray.
Awesome! Thank you!!
This is amazing! Thank you! Any plans to do the same for Special 1 from GYAO? Would be nice to not have the Animax logo present the entire time.
what would be good is a 1440x1080p release of both specials. why watch teh movies amazon or bluray in 1080p and the special in 720p?
Because the movies actually look good. The TV Specials on both GYAO and Animax are very low quality and there isn't any benefit from 1080p.
Can you do this with the Bardock one please

Puto (uploader)

Animax is higher quality than Gyao...
idk gyao seemed cleaner to me
Animax has more grain. Grain contains detail, therfore Animax has more detail.
Thanks for your time and efforts with this and the last special.
I'd love a 1080p version with this JP OBA and the FUNimation US track. Thanks for this!
Good and bad news: appears that Animax Bardock special is censored in some areas, but GYAO isn't Can someone extract without error the TVSP 1+2 in 1080p?
It would be worth it anyway for the fact alone that the Animax one has the Animax watermark, and the Gyao one doesn't.
Animax has better quality, what you would have to do is use the Animax .ts as a base and patch the censorship with the GYAO video, also cover the logo with the same video. I'm working on this, but what I refuse to do is a release in 1080p, the base material is not good enough to work in 1080p.
i dont get why use two different sources of the same special. just use one. use the less censor and the one without logo. i dont know anybody who want to watch a movie that changes quality, even from a few seconds. does make any sense. i think i speak for most of the people, forget animax since its censored, use gyao for both special, 1080p without black bars. simple.
@correvlr You do not know what you're talking about, I challenge you to tell me where you notice that this capture is a mix of 2 sources: https://i.imgur.com/KYCbZFK.png
Looks gorgeous, Fabre. Even though it's Freeza.. sigh. xD Downloading TV SP2 from GYAO via YouTube-DL but this is taking a considerable time so if anyone wants it, just hold on. Fabre Batalla's and Puto's are better but for anyone that wants the raw video files, I'll up 'em.
@SaotomeZ: What is censored in Animax version?
@SaotomeZ What's censored?
The "censored" parts is just on Animax they were turned darken from brighten.
Can someone please upload the Movie remasters that Amazon Japan and Netflix have?
This is hard to find, when I do there's no seed :(