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2019-04-09 18:36 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] One Punch Man S2 - 01 [1080p].mkv (803.3 MiB)
look how they massacred my boy
boi, there is no compare to season 1, i'm sad my brothers, it does not look good...
If you genuinely expected it to look as good as S1 after the JC Staff takeover, you are a fucking idiot.
not as bad as I thought it would be. pretty decent.
They tried to be MadHouse but they failed lmao
how to spot anime for retards: the amount of people that downloaded upscaled 1080p
Lol ? it's like the studio was on drugs
Or just get more then 25tb+ on hdds and you will never have space problems like I did. @IndoMEME
^ I just got a new 3TB one, but it was $120. How much would that cost?
Is this better than the other release?
@Ree81 if you spent $120 for 3TB *HDD* I think you got ripped off. Got this 8TB extHDD a month ago and its been fantastic...and for not much more than you say you spent on a 3TB. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LQQHLGC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
@IndoMEME expect the 1080p CR streams always look the best regardless of what the native resolution is, thanks to the relatively higher bitrate besides, the other option from CR would be 720p, which is *below* the native resolution
Lee, why are external drives less expensive than internal ones? lol anyway, it was an internal 7200rpm one. The one you linked is $230 in my country.
glad to live in a country where is the home of HDD exporter and has anime streaming on demand...
although it is definitely worse in comparison to madhouse style, it was pretty good
such a good season
i paid 309 euro for one 10tb :P
Any fan groups subbing this, IE not sub rips? Madhouse had people doing 200 hours of overtime unpaid...so the anime industry is doomed, they can't crank out spam and maintain quality.. EA/Activision can;t so no one can LOL
this was painful to watch
^^ agreed. Genos in the last few scenes was puke inducing
Not to make some people angry, but does anyone know how long the wait for the dub will be this season. Just wondering if there was any sort of official word on that. I watch subs, but this is one i originally watched dubbed so im not gonna switch to subs for S2 cheers
Came here only to read people bitches about this not being animated by Madhouse. Oh boi, some sure are living in a cave these days.
Congratulations, you ruined one of the best anime of the decade.
@Ree81 Externals are given less warranty than internals, generally 1 year vs 3 years. That's *one* of the main reasons why they cost so much less. Hard drives are also "binned" for performance and internals are generally the higher performing while the lower performing ones go to become externals (though, don't let this scare you off as the difference is marginal, at best). Although what many people do is shuck the external enclosures to use the internal drive. This works with many popular 3.5" externals but not so much for some popular 2.5" externals (where the sata -> usb controller is soldered on). Popular 3.5" models to shuck are 8/10TB WD Easystores (can be found in US on sale for 130-140/170-180, respectively) and 8/10TB WD Elements. Though, others also work. The Easystore and Elements I mentioned about usually come with a "white label" WD Red drive, some being air filled drives and some being helium filled drives (meaning the drive is literally a WD Red but the label is white instead of red). 6TB and lower models usually come with a WD Blue drive. Since you mentioned 7200rpm, almost all externals will be 5400rpm. *However*, this is not a problem for storing video files. I store 4k remuxes of movies like Infinity Wars, Spider-verse, and Venom on my 5400rpm shucked drives. They read **way more than fast enough** for these files. Honestly, the 5400rpm vs 7200rpm debate should just drop dead as it really only mattered for OS and, nowadays, if you're not using an SSD for your OS, then you're doing it wrong, anyways.
Honestly not as bad as I thought it would be. The action looks like actual trash, but I'll still enjoy the show for the characters.
7200 rpm is worth a few extra bucks. But you're mostly right. Just do 10 mins of research, buy an external and rip that bad boy open.
thearbiter117 no offense but if season 1 got English dub then FFS yes season 2 will get one as well Jesus Christ man and the show is pretty popular as well so duh brain cells man use em plz before asking questions like these
Haru9 Before you accuse me of not using brain cells please use your own to properly read the question. Did i ask it it would GET a dub? No. I asked if anyone had any idea WHEN it would get it. Because a decent amount of other shows i have watched these last few years have been getting progressively faster with releasing english dubs so i was hoping this could be one that get it pretty speed too. (also genuinely not trying to just be an ass back at you, but what i wrote doesn't read at all like im asking if it will get a dub)
gothicmaster, If you think it's solely JC staff that made this anime painfully bad then you're the real genuine idiot here. Who made the S1 epic was 3 names, Madhouse, Natsume, Nakamura. Cut out all 3 then it collapses, which is what One punch man season 2 did. Madhouse isn't the real hero but Natsume who used the same budget as s2 & handled it to make sure Nakamura & madhouse operate in a limited budget with a unlimited result.
@thearbiter117 no one knows. I didn't read anything about a dub anywhere. But maybe, eventually. P.S. You guys are all just mean. You call people idiots for nothing. Chill ٩◔̯◔۶
ty for hdd tips. as for "do research", kind of hard when you're completely ignorant of those kinds of tricks.
After i read the comments oh boi i'm gonna drop it out before i could even watch it
only good day in this garbage season
I can't believe madhouse chose to animate diaya no ace garbage over this.
Was a lot better than I expected, the trailer made it look like trash but I actually enjoyed this first episode.
the drama in the comments mixed with discussion about hard drives is hilarious
Madhouse just took the one show that will make more profit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'll buy those oppai tshirts over sawamura baseball caps anyday.
Say what you want but to me this is way higher than what i was expecting and i am happy ^^.
@DarthMage Yes, you. dna has more crazy fangirls, they buy everything.
Oh look, Donald Trump is punching a Lizard Rapist Black Man. What a refreshing change from all the prison rape jokes from S1.
The quality is as bad as I though. This is bleach to my eyes. I won't watch it. Instead I will read the Manga. Why would they destroy such a great anime by outsourcing to a minor studio? I hope the ones responsible choke on their money. I hope they actually burn in hell. J.C. Staff guys can suck my dick, I will never watch anything you produce, ever. You have destroyed our hope. For that I call you Isamael, Destroyer of Hope, and name YOU the enemy. Never will I watch another J.C. Anime. And if I ever meet Chikara Sakurai on the street, I will do what I have to. I hope you die! But for the ones outselling this Anime that I don't know of I also promise to do everything to end your carreers! FUUUUUCK YOOOOUUUUU!!!!
pretty good, IMO, despite all the bad comments
genos' arms looks like metal poop. GG jc staff
Thanks for the high quality and English sub, have a nice day.
Domo arigato !
One of the most downloaded torrent on Nyaa, wow.