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Gon Freecss is a boy who lives on an island and dreams of becoming a Hunter like his long-missing father. However, his aunt Mito is against it, and she tells Gon that she will sign his application to take the Hunter Exam only if he catches a giant fish known as Master of the Swamp. One day, Gon finally manages to catch the fish, and Mito reluctantly signs the application. After saying goodbye to her and his foxbear friend Kon, Gon gets on a ship that heads to the mainland. While on board, he takes the first part of the Hunter Exam arranged by the captain. Later, he fights alongside two other Hunter candidates named Leorio and Kurapika against giant sea monsters attacking the ship. — written by Singan Note: a pilot to the Hunter x Hunter 1999 TV series. Originally screened at the Jump Super Anime Tour '98 together with One Piece: Taose! Kaizoku Ganzack and Seikimatsu Leader Gaiden Takeshi!.

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