2019-04-01 05:19 UTC
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:D Lord Starfish: Translation, Timing, Typesetting, Quality Check Puto: Editing BYH: Encoding

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  • [Some-Stuffs]_Pocket_Monsters_Advanced_Generation_131_[DBAA6388].mkv (217.0 MiB)
I remember I did a fakesub of this years back in L-E (as Persia ep 8). Thanks, guys.
lol I'm curious what this file actually is but having a data cap, I don't want to download it to find out. Anyone wanna detail what's inside?

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

This is a completely legit English sub of the Hoenn Leage finale which we worked very hard on to make it as good as possible.
i don't care if this is only tangentially related i'm going to repost my request [asking if anyone knows where to get the latter half of the AG episodes RG subbed](https://nyaa.si/view/78602#com-2)
Best battle in the Sun and Moon arc so far, not gonna lie. Not sure why they skipped to the league finals like this, or where all these new characters came from (and where are the classmates?), but I assume it's just a flash forward and that we'll see how it led up to this later on. Good stuff.
Now anime is REALLY saved. Every other time was a false alarm. This is the real deal, my friends.

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

So, while it's still April 1st in some countries, it's 8:36AM on April 2nd here in Norway, so I can now actually be truthful without any reservations again! So excuse me while I Explain The Joke. AG episode 131 was an April Fools Joke. (Insert surprised Pikachu meme here.) That said, I was very much against the idea of deliberately making a bad sub, as I've been trying for nearly two years to prove that I am in fact serious with this project and yet there is a certain subset of the fandom who still think I have no idea what I'm doing or that I'm using Google Translate or whatever... So we decided to just do a completely serious sub of an episode from an earlier series, and I said we should do an "Ash loses the Pokémon League" episode just to be evil. But the actual sub itself is 99.5% serious. And the .5% that isn't serious is just an in-joke hidden in the script, that you can't even see unless you open the script to look for it. Other than that, if we had actually been subbing AG as our main project, it would have looked pretty much the same as what we just released... except maybe the editing would have been better because we knew the characters better. tl;dr: We released a completely serious sub of a 15 year old episode and acted like it was completely normal. That was the joke.
Nice joke. Now do the rest of the AG series.
I didn't watch it, but honestly I think as a native english speaker you guys do good work
sub a old episode, call it joke worth it. i'm happy