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2019-03-27 15:31 UTC
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Piyo-Piyo Productions presents: Maji! 1-3 3/26/19 https://www.otakubell.com/ https://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=4007 Source: Laserdisc Everything PPP-Raw releases is from laserdisc source. At the time of ripping, no DVD or Bluray souce is known to exist. Project notes: This looks pretty cool: Its the story of a young man’s rise through the ranks of the Yakuza. It based on the first two volumes of the fifty volume manga series. “Maji” is a Japanese slang word, pretty much the same as “for real.” As it happens, our main character is also named “Maji,” so its a bit of a play on words. Or at least that’s what he’s called, maybe its like a Mafia nickname, like Sammy “The Bull” or something. My Japanese isn’t good enough for figuring all of that out. The discs themselves... the visual quality was pretty good, but there was significant jitter, which I was only partially able to correct. You may have noticed I’ve encoded these differently. I’ve begun the process of “modernizing.” I’ve wanted to switch to h265 for some time now, but my early experiments went poorly. It seems much better now! I’ve also switched from MP3 to AAC. If anyone thinks I should be encoding differently... well, feel free to speak up, I confess that I am a hack fraud who barely knows his ass from his elbow. You may also be wondering why, if I have a Domesday Duplicator now, why have I not used it here? As it happens, everything I have released since The Heroic Elegy of Confucious has been Domesday’d as well. It just either hasn’t been processed, or it can’t be processed yet. For example, Can’t Stop Dreaming has some very specific errors in it that prevent proper decoding at this time (see https://github.com/happycube/ld-decode/issues/112). These will probably be revisited sometime in the future. So for now, here’s the conventionally captured version, along with an unfiltered high bitrate DVD conversion for archival purposes.

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to be honest, encoding isn't really about "filtering out lots of stuff to make your video look good" or "solving problems from video souces" or whatever so much as it is about using a source file with a different format and converting that file into its designed format of course, none of your hard work at making the "best encode ever"(that is, how much have you spent thousands of hours on that .avs/.vpy file you're trying to make your x264/x265 encode with) is going to pay off if you have no idea how the codec actually works so it's not just a matter of slapping off a "crf 16" and calling it a day, actually there are various options for playing off with its codec's encoding settings(so long as the program that holds the codec encoder/decoder allows it), so try and experiment various stuff and see if that suits your tastes or something decoding is using an encoded source file and converting that file into what it was supposed to be its source format in the first place... or at the very least a format that virtually every single player can understand no that doesn't mean i'm with lossy->lossy encodes by any means, but when i'm not busy being a horrid asshole i'm pretty much busy experimenting with this kind of stuff, however most of the time i have nothing else to do anyway so yeah i'm really out of options right now(inb4 "get a life") i did give up on avisynth and vapoursynth not too long ago though so i decided to stick to actually encoding (lossless) stuff

toynbeeidea (uploader)

@AnonBaiter I did experiment with h265 quite a bit before releasing anything. I encoded samples in a full range from rf22 to rf18 (the recommended ranges, at least from what I saw in the interwebs), as well as some 2pass examples. I was aiming for something that 1) looks good, and 2) is smaller than my previous encodes. I really couldn't see any differences between the rf levels other than size. I even passed them off to the folks at Orphan to have a peek. I don't know the full ins-and-out of how ANY codec "works," I am just not smart enough for all of that. I barely understand colorspace, for that matter - I just know my filters mostly all require YV12, so that's that. As to filtering itself, this gets more into the philosophy of what I'm up to with all of this. I am making a best effort at preservation. By making a version that's nicely filtered and encoded at a "reasonable" size, I increase the chance that somebody will decide to subtitle what I release, which will spread it further. More spread = more preserved. I also know I don't always know what the hell I'm doing, and I know that new codecs come out, new container formats, new methods, so I do the DVD conversion as a way to future-proof things a little better. Yes, DVD is lossy, but consider that I have 77 active torrents as of now, and mostly I'm the only person seeding any of them. I only have X amount of hard drive space and bandwidth, same as most people. If neither of those were a consideration, hell, I'd torrent the raw Domesday .lds files at 160+GB per hour of material, I'd love to. Once I have a fully working Domesday capture, I will certainly experiment with lossless.

toynbeeidea (uploader)

I'm not sure I should be taking advice from anyone named "godblessadolfhitler", but here goes anyhow: Please explain further? Why AAC a shit? I see that it is open source, which AAC is not - that's a point in its favor. But AAC is very widely supported, I'm not sure Opus can say the same.
well, pardon my rudeness then
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