[Commie] Kizumonogatari - 03 [BD 1080p AAC] [1B8198ED].mkv

2019-03-19 03:55 UTC
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  • [Commie] Kizumonogatari - 03 [BD 1080p AAC] [1B8198ED].mkv (2.4 GiB)
WHAT THE FUCK koyomi when
that's what i'm working on next (at least for monogatari-related stuff)
Long anticipated, and greatly appreciated. Any more monogatari series releases planned? Edit: I see your update now...thanks.
I don't even mind waiting this long. Thanks Herkz.
Still waiting for Owari2.
yes finally. I hope im not dreaming. Thank you.
>I don’t even mind waiting this long. Thanks Herkz. I absolutely feel the same way. Refused to watch until he gave me the good stuff, and I've been rewarded for my patience. >[Koyomi]’s what i’m working on next (at least for monogatari-related stuff) I'm gushing.
Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.
Wowser! I did not expect this at all, I guess miracles do exist. Thanks much!
Based herkz saving fansubbing once again.
Thanks! Hope to see Owari s2 ASAP. I don't really care about Koyomi except for the last episode, luckily they are short ones.
thankz a lot, commie σ(≧ε≦o)
Saved from terrible subs. Thanks.
i don't necessarily care for commie's monogatari subs, but i'm hype regardless because at least someone is eventually gonna do a non-shit release of owari 2 one day
Guess I have to watch the movie now...
Thank You (o^^o)
<grudging appreciation>