Video Girl Ai v01-09 (Digital) (Lovag-Empire)

2019-03-19 02:35 UTC
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  • Video Girl Ai (Digital) (Lovag-Empire)
    • Video Girl Ai v01 (2004) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr (290.8 MiB)
    • Video Girl Ai v02 (2004) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr (289.1 MiB)
    • Video Girl Ai v03 (2004) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr (160.6 MiB)
    • Video Girl Ai v04 (2004) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr (322.5 MiB)
    • Video Girl Ai v05 (2004) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr (305.0 MiB)
    • Video Girl Ai v06 (2004) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr (318.4 MiB)
    • Video Girl Ai v07 (2005) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr (317.7 MiB)
    • Video Girl Ai v08 (2004) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr (306.3 MiB)
    • Video Girl Ai v09 (2004) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr (296.7 MiB)
Thanks for this classic :)
sigh ... the same incomplete Viz media set from years ago it's sad that no one ever adds vol's 10-15, even if the only ones avail right now are lower quality ........ adding them would at least give readers the complete story ...added later just out curiosity, I did a check of the Viz site ... because I have always assumed that they had dropped the series before they finished it .......... well it turns out they DID finish it, in digital format, all 15 vol's
@komugi viz finish video girl ai years ago it's been available digitally for a long time. More importantly if you want to finish the series then buy it, don't complain when your downloading pirated manga. I download as well but I'm not cheap enough that I wouldn't buy it. I bought the whole series digitally a while back.
>mfw you forgot to stop the torrent on your seedbox and it 100gb.
Thank you for sharing! Looks like there are problem with several pages though; could you please check and possibly replace the damaged archives? Thx!

deis (uploader)

@eidon, what volume and which pages?
Sorry, I made a mistake -- I had transferred the files with a defective usb stick, and the archives were ruined because of that. I copied them again and they are fine. Once again, thank you for this great contribution. Are you planning to post the other volumes?

deis (uploader)

@eidon, no other volumes have been ripped, so no.
Howdy there, seeding would be much appreciated. Thanks!