Hi Score Girl 01-06 [SonicBoom][BD][720p]

2019-03-15 03:31 UTC
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The subtitles have been heavily reworked by an *experienced* translator and someone who was a major arcade gamer during the time period the series is set and knew a fair bit about the subject matter. (For those interested in the English dub: sorry, this release is sub-only.) Two subtitle tracks are provided, with localized and unlocalized names for the mentioned games. The unlocalized track is the default. (This is the first half - we're still trying to acquire the final volume of the series.)

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  • Hi Score Girl 01-06 [SonicBoom][BD][720p]
    • Hi Score Girl - 01 [SonicBoom][720p][957813FF].mkv (651.7 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 02 [SonicBoom][720p][BF7E7FA1].mkv (611.4 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 03 [SonicBoom][720p][DBCA90E7].mkv (607.0 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 04 [SonicBoom][720p][4752EAEC].mkv (677.4 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 05 [SonicBoom][720p][E3666E64].mkv (583.4 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 06 [SonicBoom][720p][3FF269DB].mkv (541.8 MiB)
Will you be subbing the OVAs that come out soon? Also it's "High Score Girl"

sarachikorita (uploader)

![No it's not](https://i.imgur.com/5SwjoAK.png) Sorry, but we're correct.
I always call it High School Girl.
@TroublingThings: We will be working on the rest of the series and the OVAs as soon as we get a hold of the BDs for them. And it's actually "Hi Score Girl", since that;s how it's spelled in the official Japanese logo, as you can see in the above screenshot. It was often spelled "Hi Score" in arcade machines, and the author reflects this in the title (a fact which most other people seem to have overlooked.)

sarachikorita (uploader)

I think the majority of arcade units I've seen say "High Score", or at least Namco and Taito's did, but I think some just said "Hi".
If you use "High Score Girl," it will return both searches for "high score" and "hi score." So the choice is obvious. EDIT: And by the way, this encode is fucked. For goodness sake, there are raws out there that don't have combing and are at the full framerate (60fps). Just use those. EDIT2: Can I ask why your subtitle tracks for 01 are 150MB each? You know that's not normal, right?
motbob: It's actually the other way around. Searching for "hi score" will produce results for both "hi score" and "high score" since "hi" is a partial match with "high". And as the author, shouldn't Oshikiri's intended spelling take priority over your own personal preference? 2) Having the entire episode encoded at 60fps is a waste,considering it wasn't even encoded that way on the BD. These encodes are variable framerate,using the timestamps included on the BD itself. sarachikorita can give maybe give more details on that. 3) Unless someone is planning on extracting the subtitle tracks to view them in an editing program or something, why would their file size even matter? It's extracting the subtitles that isn't normal.The average viewer will just click on the video and watch it without even knowing or caring about how big the subtitle tracks are. But to answer your question, the tracks are that large because of the typesetting and karaoke effects being used.
I understand what you mean by "it wasn't encoded that way on the BD." It's an easy conclusion to come to, but you're wrong. Let me explain. When you look at the BD and see that it's at 29.97fps, that's actually misleading. That's because each frame is made up of two fields which are designed to be displayed one after the other. So 29.97 frames each with two fields means 59.94 fields per second. Now, normally, you'd ignore the fact that there are 60 fields per second because, in anime, the fields that make up a single frame typically show the same thing. So you have 60 fields, but there are 24 pieces of information, so of course you're going to just be combining the fields into frames and cutting some frames out. BUT that's not the same for this show, since every video game scene has new information for every field. In other words, the video game sections are in true 60fps. If you don't pay attention to this phenomenon, your encode will look bad. Here's an example comparison (scroll over the image): https://diff.pics/BxGINyNM1roV/1 In the Okay-Raws encode, you never get the "ghosting" effect that you see Guile making in the SonicBoom screenshot. If you want to know how to fix this, the encoding script is in the Okay-Raws description. As to the issue of 150MB sub tracks, if you think it's okay to make your users download 300MB extra per episode, then that's fine. Just understand that you don't actually have to do that. There are ways to typeset without rendering everything in Illustrator or img2ass or whatever the heck you're using.
As far as I can tell, Motbob is only trying to help you guys create the best release of Hi Score Girl you can. Not only did he point out the encode problem, he provided visual proof, and a means of potentially fixing the encode issue. Please take his very much constructive criticisms on board. Don't just make excuses and deflect. He and other experienced people like him, again, to my knowledge, are only trying to help you improve quality of the release. They aren't just shitting on this release to piss you off or get their jollies.
Anyway, [this glorious game footage](https://streamable.com/gxy63) is what your viewers are missing out on! It's a shame to not make the most of the only anime with good-looking 60fps footage.
I won't bother downloading the BDMV but I doubt that squeezing the whole episode through QTGMC is the optimal solution either. You may have created a video stream running at constant 60000/1001 fps and smooth game footage but the former progressive/telecined parts suffer from obvious dupes.
Seems it's "Hi Score Girl" as Netflix went with that, logo and all included. Guess Sentai will use the same thing for the home release (think they usually release Netflix stuff). https://www.netflix.com/title/80997338
Thank you guys for making such a good release of my favorite anime! I watched the first episode and can tell you guys put a lot of work into making this the most perfect release! Are you going to do the second half of the series and the 3 bonus episodes, too? I'm willing to donate so you buy the Blu-rays if you need to. Let me know, and thanks so much again!
Enabling zlib compression in mkvmerge would've saved ~150MB per episode fyi
>the former progressive/telecined parts suffer from obvious dupes. Dupes compress well, so what's the problem? If you think the 24fps pans look bad, you can decimate and do VFR, sure, but otherwise I don't really think there's a big issue there.
So what now? this is still the best release ever for this show, you mean you will make a 60fps encode of this release? @motbob