Detective Conan - OP 26 [720p][Textless-Texted-Custom English Title][Uncut][Fabrebatalla18-Lyswh][Creditless]

2019-03-14 17:45 UTC
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**Source:** TS and WEB-DL **Video:** h264 CRF 10 **Color:** 10 bits **Edition:** Fabrebatalla18 and Lyswh **Audio:** FLAC Note: Custom English title uses textless edit. #### Some screenshots: #### HD textless: ![]( "HD Textless") #### HD texted: ![]( "HD Texted") #### Custom English title: ![]( "Custom English title") #### Original title: ![]( "Original title")

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  • Detective Conan - OP 26 [720p][Textless-Texted-Custom English Title][Uncut][Fabrebatalla18-Lyswh]
    • Detective Conan - OP 26 [480p - 10 bits][Textless][Uncut][Fabrebatalla18-Lyswh][DE7F0B3C].mkv (109.0 MiB)
    • Detective Conan - OP 26 [720p - 10 bits][Custom English Title][Uncut][Fabrebatalla18-Lyswh][44137B83].mkv (344.3 MiB)
    • Detective Conan - OP 26 [720p - 10 bits][Texted][Uncut][Fabrebatalla18-Lyswh][F29AC8BF].mkv (286.1 MiB)
    • Detective Conan - OP 26 [720p - 10 bits][Textless][Uncut][Fabrebatalla18-Lyswh][0B931479].mkv (316.6 MiB)
Ok, this time isn't the old video reuploaded + custom English title, the old textless had some mistakes, so I edited it again, (texted and dvd are the same), and well yeah, the english title is new ^^ MEGA link:!fUF3GKaa!nt6ix8I5-wJlO_mxnyJJBA
I love the custom english title thank you!! :)
for the next time, you should apply a slight blur to the logo something like 0.3 should be fine
@AdamSaeed yeah i know, the old logos aren't edited as well as the newer ones, idk if someday i'll try to improve them, but well. Look OP40, this was some weeks ago xD:
@Lyswh Incredible! I saw most of the ops you did, and it got me wondering how did you remove the original logo or recreate the background? (some logos looks impossible like OP33) It's really refreshing to meet someone who shares the same interest. This was one of my best attempts after that it's downhill :p
@AdamSaeed We can talk if you want, but it will be easier on Telegram or DIscord haha (@Lyswh on telegram and Lyswh#7192 on Discord) ^^ By the way, nice, it looks awesome haha!