Fuuka v13-17 (2017-2018) (Digital) (Mr. Kimiko)

2019-03-14 06:47 UTC
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![Image](https://imagez.to/i/YRLf4rVn.jpg) Fuuka v01-11 (2015-2016) (Digital) (danke): https://nyaa.si/view/893777 Fuuka v12 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): https://nyaa.si/view/1126137 Batch torrent #2 of my Manga ebooks. I will buy more soon... Join US [**![Image](https://i.imgur.com/Lyr2lZw.png)**](https://discord.gg/Rq9rXXg) **Plz SEED** _Mr. Kimiko_

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  • Fuuka v13-17 (2017-2018) (Digital) (Mr. Kimiko)
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Mr_Kimiko (uploader)

Vol. 18 is Missing on Kobo, but vol. 19-20 is on Kobo. So what should I do?
Grab 19 and 20? I can ask danke-digital if they can grab v18 from somewhere. They are looking to release Tales of Wedding Rings vol 4-5 (I requested it and they said they would look at releasing those). But, I'll send a message to them and see if they can grab that volume.
@Mr_Kimiko Comixology has them, but they won’t be in the same dimension as the Kobo. They’ll likely be smaller. Unless someone can rip in HD, it’s not worth getting it. You can try to ask Kobo to see if they already have a license to sell Fuuka v18 since they have all the other ones.
They may have just neglected to list that particular volume. I'm sure if you ask them, via email, they'll probably list it.

Mr_Kimiko (uploader)

I did ask they said they don't have it.
@Mr_Kimiko If they don’t, then it means they either never bought the license to it, or it has expired and they haven’t renewed it. There’s really nothing you can do at this time but ask them if they can purchase/renew their rights because it would make the collection incomplete.
Mr_Kimiko, I'll send a message to danke-Empire and see if they can get and upload it. NyaaSearch, when a service acquires the license to a manga series, they acquire the license to that title, not just to a single issue or volume. If it required a license to every volume or issue, manga would be too cost prohibitive to license. I sent a message to danke-Empire and will post again if they are able to get it.
@tempest21 I think you misunderstood what “license” means. You’re thinking along the lines of publishing companies like Kodansha who “acquire” the titles to do official translations. Kobo is just a digital platform, much like a retailer, that has to buy the licenses from the manufacturer to sell them. They aren’t able to get the entire series through a single price. They actually need to get each volume individually. Don’t ask me how I know. I can’t be saying too much.
Kobo, Amazon and what have you don't buy anything, all they do is essentially hosting some files, and they get paid to do that. It's the publisher who decides whether or not to acquire digital rights for a series, so you'd have to talk to them.
@XRA9 Kodansha already owns Fuuka and Kobo already owns 19/20 of them, why wouldn’t they give Kobo the right to sell? Kodansha will not reply. You have to go through the proper channels, in this case Kobo, to communicate with Kodansha. Companies like Kobo don’t exactly get paid to just host, otherwise all digital platforms like Kobo would just post as many up for sale as possible to make easy money. They need to decide which titles will be best-sellers or at least decent enough to turn a profit from buying the license to the volume under a specific series. But yes, they do get some sort of deal or incentive to host it for the publisher.
>why wouldn’t they give Kobo the right to sell? Ask them. Could be they simply forgot or they had a new trainee who fucked up. >Companies like Kobo don’t exactly get paid to just host, otherwise all digital platforms like Kobo would just post as many up for sale as possible to make easy money. But that's exactly what they do. They get "paid" by taking a cut from each sale, so yeah, they put tons of books up for sale, only it's not them who go to publishers and say "hey, give us books to sell", it's the publishers who come to them and say "hey, sell these books for us". tl;dr: Kobo & Co. are just distributors. If any particular book is missing there, the first point of contact is the publisher.
Far as Fuuka Volume 18, I'll let everyone know what danke-Empire says about providing the missing volume, just waiting on a response. But, from the way I understand it about digital goods, the selling of digital goods / merchandise that is owned by another company still requires a licensing agreement. From my contact with with Comixology and Dark Horse, they don't allow customers to actually download what they purchase because all they are selling their customers is a license to access what they have purchased. Publishers of digital comics and manga don't want their customers downloading digital content because they have a fear that it will lead to greater piracy. I've actually asked Dark Horse on repeated occasions about whether their manga is downloadable and they just point out that you can "access" your manga purchases via their mobile app. Dark Horse, through Studio Proteus, has held the Oh My Goddess license since 1994. Comixology, Kobo, B&N, Dark Horse only have a license to sell that content via a license through digital platforms. But, XTA9 is quite correct, they only host the files but it's the Japanese manga licensors (not the manga publishers) who decide on how the content can be purchased. But, I also think that is also Dark Horse Comics as well, who doesn't want their customers to download it. Keep in mind that I'm just going off what I have read online (through sites like ANN, Comixology <terms of service> and through personal knowledge about streaming platforms and correspondence with retailers. Comoxology doesn't comment on such matters and they don't reply and streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu also don't like customers downloading their content either. Oops, apologies. I wasn't trying to get into a debate on this. LMAO. I just want to download awesome manga and share what I have with you guys, in return.
@XRA9 Distributor: An entity that **buys** noncompeting products or product lines, warehouses them, and **resells** them to retailers or direct to the end users or customers. Did you even look up what distributor means? What exactly did you think they do? Just sit on their ass without having to do anything and just host? They take no risks in this case and would make insane margins. If I want to start a business, I’d definitely want to be a digital content distributor in this case. Easy money and no hard work involved. Just wait for the publishers to provide for me. They don’t just forget to add it; it’s because they don’t have the license to that specific volume. Otherwise, it would take no time at all to update their site to start selling. They are a digital provider, so it doesn’t exactly fit the mold in a traditional sense in the above definition. Instead of storing physical goods in a warehouse, it’s in the form of a license which they then sell digital copies to customers. TL;DL: “Distributor” is a term that sums up everything I’ve been saying.
Except digital **comic book** distribution doesn't work quite that way, **at least not according to our local publishers**. At the licensing stage, when publishers buy digital rights, **they** look for available distributors (established ones), check their terms & conditions and once they secure their rights, they work out a deal with the distributors. Which, again according to our local publishers, can sometimes amount to "Hey, we've got an additional title." - "K, send data over." And it's up to **them** to deliver files for a new entry. So yes, once you're established, you can sit back content-wise, your focus will be to get people to actually buy. Simply because you're not only dealing in comic books. How to establish? Do what **you've** described.
small request... can you reseed the death note films again please?
@tempest21, since you have contact to Danke-digital, how active are they still? I was following a few series they uploaded here, but it's been really dead silent for a few months now.