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Translation : Simulcast Edit : Dakara, Timing : HS, Kfx : KE, Ending : Richard S. #GlassHouse : 見て楽しんでください! Recruiting for all positions(TLC, Editing, Karaoke, Encoding, Typesetting, QC, etc…) If you're interested content me via gmail : ywai1659@gmail.com (or) Discord : Dakara#0654 [Direct Download](http://bit.ly/2VBUIzG)

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>Translations : Crunchyroll Facepalm


Translations : Crunchyroll LOL
And the point of this is...?
the crunchyroll translation for this show is actually mostly fine and just needs some editing, not sure if any of you even know what you’re talking about. people seem to get mad at them translating ‘aniki’ non-literally even though ‘bro’ or ‘big brother’ would sound like shit 99% of the time. edit: nvm I went to your wordpress blog and judging by that alone I have a good feeling you’ve only made the show worse
> the crunchyroll translation for this show is actually mostly fine no subs is good subs as the saying goes. Crediting crunchy for translation _and_ HS for timing is galaxy brain in pretty much any circumstances, though.
the thing is, it's not even crunchyroll. it's amazon
oh, is it amazon? no wonder it's mostly fine
A group that doesn't even know where their subs are sourced from can't be good.

Dakara (uploader)

I think I've done a mistake.😑 I've used Erai for source.

Dakara (uploader)

@ChaoXide Gomen.😅

Dakara (uploader)

Gonna Use [U3 Web]releases for next time episodes.😑I thought Erai has ripped from Crunchyroll...My bad.
Still what is the point. Currently as I know there is no fansub for this, only the rips of whichever streaming site has this on menu. That's the quality celling. If you use the same subtitle, your upload has absolutely no value. Downloaders get the same from Erai/HS with reliable seed. Though I would support a decent fansub instead of ripped fastsub.

Dakara (uploader)

@fukken_weeb That would be more great as I can't do nothing more than kfx and a little edit. Also not so much time to edit cuz I want to release as fast as I can.
Please, someone do a proper fansub on this. Crunchyroll is trash and this was a great show. F*cking zoomers fully satisfied with trash subs...such a shame.