[Random18] Okoshiyasu, Chitose-chan - 04 (720p)

2019-03-03 21:06 UTC
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![Chitose-chan is happy](https://i.imgur.com/OOsQIFh.png) __Disclaimer #1.__ I'm not a native Japanese speaker, I'm just learning, so I apologize if I translated something wrong. m(\_ \_)m __Disclaimer #2.__ I'm not a native English speaker either, so there could be some grammar mistakes. Sorry for that too. m(\_ \_)m __Disclaimer #3.__ I've never done anime typesetting/subbing before. Like, this is my first subbed work. If you're still here after disclaimers' part, I'm glad to share with you __the 4th episode__ of __Okoshiyasu, Chitose-chan__ (__"Welcome, Chitose-chan"__). I was really sad when this anime was lost in translation, because not only there's a lot of useful information about Kyoto, but also Chitose-chan is really-really cute. That's why I decided to use this anime for both studying my listening/translating skills and learning more about Kyoto. I don't know what kind of tempo I can do that with, so please don't hype yourselves so much. I'd like to translate it all, though. Raws are __[Leopard-Raws' 720p](https://nyaa.si/view/1088460)__. I wished I could do it with GYAO's 1080p, but all their releases are pretty much dead with 0 seeds. There was a really long time since I've uploaded anything on torrents, so I don't know is my ISP will cooperate. I hope it __will__ cooperate. Some useful links for this episode: * Chitose-chan was walking down [__the Philosopher's Path (Tetsugaku no michi)__](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosopher%27s_Walk) ([Google Maps](https://goo.gl/maps/ZiAGDdPaoao)) * __The Philosopher's Path__ (or __the Philosopher's Walk__) is located on a road between [__The Silver Pavilion (Ginkaku-ji)__](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ginkaku-ji) ([Google Maps](https://goo.gl/maps/WcBT41YPoVM2)) and __Kumano Nyakuoji Shrine__ ([Google Maps](https://goo.gl/maps/6VwexuS8MZv)) Next Episode: * __Episode 05__ — [__Shimogamo Shrine__](https://nyaa.si/view/1124226) Please enjoy and don’t forget to support this anime! (≧∀≦)ゞ

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Thanks for the effort. Looking forward to more if you continue.

random18 (uploader)

@greentapeshaman You are very welcome! |ω •̀;) I'll be happy to translate all the episodes if I won't be super busy IRL. Because even from two translated episodes I've learned a lot about Kyoto. "Chitose-chan" is one of those anime that, like, can't be enjoyed completely without understanding of the context. So I'll try to keep up the pace. (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧
Hi! I am making the hungarian translation for this anime and I have a few tips for you. I hope you will find some of them useful. First of all, there is this cool website with all of the text of each episode: http://anicobin.ldblog.jp/search?q=%E3%81%8A%E3%81%93%E3%81%97%E3%82%84%E3%81%99&x=5&y=5 Second: sosui-bery means "canal waterfront", I don't think that should be left in japanese. Especially because the anime says only 1 sentence later that the path called "Philosopher's path" so it's obviously not called "Sosui-bery no komichi". 3rd: In episode 5. "Tabemono ni me ga naindakara." means "She really can't resist for food.". Pretty good sub for first try though, keep it up :)

random18 (uploader)

@dottris Hi! 1. Ooooooooh, what a treasure! From now on I should check it after I'm done transcribing speech by ear. d(・∀・○) 2. Oh, I was reeeeeeally confused about that part and, yeah, in the end I kinda messed up. (/ω\) 3. So THAT'S what he was saying. I nearly went crazy trying to transcribe it. Well, with full scripts it should probably be easier to avoid such mistranslations. I think. (*ゝ∀・)v Thanks a lot, that was really helpful! (≧▽≦)ノ✿
@dottris Thanks for that link with episode transcripts. RATS might be able to pick this back up after all (no promises). @random18 Would you be at all interested in a collaboration? Granted, we're also an extremely inexperienced group, but we can provide the editing perspective of native English speakers and we've at least done timing and typesetting a few times before, so we have somewhat of a process.


Could you do the first 3 episodes as well? Even if just to make things uniform... Thanks in advance!

random18 (uploader)

@Ono I'm actually thinking about it too, but I think, I'll do them _after_ I finish series, 'cause that's the main priority now.
Can't download, no peers... :'c