[3DS - Citra - CFW] Fire Emblem IF Special Edition (JPN) (4.2 TS patched + Inv Kingdom TS Complete)

2019-03-03 04:07 UTC
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![Fire Emblem If](https://i.imgur.com/ltIcHvv.png) --- Updated Version of [[3DS - Citra - CFW] Fire Emblem IF Special Edition (JPN) + 4.2 retranslation patch](https://nyaa.si/view/1043694) --------- --- __So, what is new?__ --------- --- The biggest change is a patched DLC CIA file that contains a completed version of the translation of the Invisible Kingdom Route (Revelations in the Western release). With the Fan Translation Project effectively dead for the time being (Latest commit was on Aug 17, 2017), this is the only way to play through it completely at this time (03/02/2019). While I still hope it will eventually be completed (as there are other parts, mainly the DLC and all the second generation supports, that are still untranslated), for now, this is as good as it gets :-) ) --- None of this was accomplished by me, save uploading this torrent. For our true hero, see these quotes from [Harwy](https://nyaa.si/user/Harwy) from the original torrent: --- [Harwy](https://nyaa.si/user/Harwy) > ACGHH-0161-BFZJ_update is supposed to be the online connectivity update. I’ve updated the file a while ago to be something more comprehensible. >Visit this thread for more details >~~http://www.3dsiso.com/showthread.php?286015-GDrive-Fire-Emblem-IF-Special-Edition-JPN-DLC-CIA~~ (**EDIT: Link Dead due to 3dsISO Policy**) [Harwy](https://nyaa.si/user/Harwy) > So an update on the files. > Apparently, the Invisible kingdom route was not translated all the way so I went ahead and did so. > The new file name is FE IF - Inv.Kingdom Route (patched) + DLC29 (Untranslated).cia > You can find it in the thread posted in the comment above. (**EDIT: Again, Link is Dead**) ___ With the link (and all other later pages linking to the updated files) dead, I asked him via PM for the files, and, per his request, am now doing my best to make sure they remain available. (See full comments on Torrent linked above) ___ ___ Original Description: --------- I did not see this on here, so I decided to upload my own copy.This is a version of Fire Emblem IF SE patched with the latest (As of 6/3/18) fan translation patch. Included are .cia files for the DLC and game update. Additionally a clean unpatched version is included. I have confirmed this working on both Luma CFW and Citra. Visit [this page](https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/67613-fire-emblem-if-fan-translation-under-new-management/) for information on the patch. If using Luma CFW see [here](https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/wiki/Enabling-DLC) for information on how to enable DLC

File list

  • Fire Emblem IF Special Edition (Updated)
    • ACGHH-0161-BFZJ (Online Update).cia (3.5 MiB)
    • FE IF - Inv.Kingdom Route (patched) + DLC29 (Untranslated).cia (652.4 MiB)
    • Fire Emblem IF Special Edition Decrypted [JPN].cia (1.7 GiB)
    • Fire Emblem IF Special Edition [V.42 ENG PATCHED].cia (1.7 GiB)
Thanks! Shame the project hasn't had an update since 2017. Hope it will be completed someday. Good job on this!!
@SomaHeir, it really is a shame - the problem is most of the team was college students working on it during vacation time, so once classes started, work kind of shut down. This was the second team, too (same thing happened with the first). Someone going by Raytwo on 3DSiso apparently put together a version combining the fan translation with the official one, using the latter for all the untranslated parts, but it seems to have disappeared off the web completely thanks to all the Rom and hacking sites refusing to host any versions of the game using the fan translation, at the team's request. That is how this nearly disappeared, too - thank god for Nyaa, the one safe place to upload I could think of where people would think to look and it wouldn't up and disappear.
How would I add this to 3ds? I got the regular version of IF working on citra however I want the english patch on my 3ds, it's giving me errors on FBI so I tried Bigbluemenu.
Is the Invisible Kingdom route working? Currently playing this on Citra. At chapter 6, I'm only able to choose between nohr or hoshido. There's no third option available.
Nevermind, got it working. Just had to change the region on citra to japan.
@MinaMina Sorry for the late reply - FBI shouldn't be throwing any errors (at least it didn't in my testing, and that of everyone else I talked to who has picked up this version). Things I can think of that could cause something like that to happen: - The easiest to check: Assuming you still have the files in the original folder, grab the torrent again and do a 'Force Recheck'. Especially with uTorrent, the client will sometimes end up not downloading a few pieces and still marking it as "Complete", resulting in a broken file; if the recheck shows anything other than 100%, just resume it, and it should fill in the missing pieces. - Are you running the latest version of FBI? It should install fine even in older versions (I installed an early version of the fanslation-patched CIA years ago without problems), but it is worth a shot updating it. BBM is essentially just a wrapper for DevMenu, and has been considered EoL for a while now, so while i can see why you tried it, the chances of it working when FBI didn't are really low, and FBI usually doesn't give errors without a reason (i.e., corrupt CIA) - I'm assuming you are running Luma3DS - while it *shouldn't* cause any issues, if you are running an older CFW (Like RXTools, for example), it could possibly cause problems, although they shouldn't really pop up in FBI. (See here (https://3ds.hacks.guide/) for the easy Luma install guide) - Again, while it shouldn't really cause problems in FBI, try going to Luma's config menu and making sure the "Enable region/language emu. and ext. .code.ul" option is enabled (You need it to run the DLC anyway). That's all I can really think of - it should really just work :-/
For anyone having issues with the DLC/Invisible Kingdom Route not showing up in-game, you need to emulate the Japanese Region for it to work. In Luma3DS, this means going to Luma’s config menu and making sure the “Enable region/language emu. and ext. .code.ul” option is enabled, then creating a text file named "locale.txt", opening it and typing "JPN JP" (w/o quotes), saving, and copying it to your SD Card into the "\luma\titles\000400000012DE00\" folder. For more details/info, check the link at the bottom of the torrent description - it has information for NTR as well.
Where do I download it from? Is there a way to download without using torrent?
Is it fully translated?
Is there any way to get an unpatched untranslated version of just the third route?
Need more seed