Zoku Owarimonogatari Ep1v2

2019-03-02 01:07 UTC
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Fixed a few missing lines that were moved to actors because of how I imported the script.

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thanks, can't wait the episode 2
Thank you so much for subbing this anime.
translation: /a/non subs are okay especially this quickly edo is confirmed to be subbing the rest, hopefully they'll be out next week
Does this work with Ohys release?
Good subs? Or just so-so watchable and I should wait for better ones??
ay thx for the subs homeslice
does this work with ohys?
@Zetsu the subs are based on the LN translation so definitely good enough for now, probably won't get any other subs until May when it gets a TV release
>the subs are based on the LN translation so definitely good enough
Zoku Owari hasn't been released yet in English though. Or do you mean the fantranslation that used to be up?
are you subbing episode 2?
The subs are NOT based on an LN translation, especially considering an LN translation doesn't exist for ZokuOwari. It's an original translations from an anon on /a/.
thanks this works with bdmv but still need 2 more haaha
Subs for ep1 were definitely good enough. Thanks a lot! Please work on the other two.