No.Game.No.Life.Zero.1080p.BluRay.FLAC5.1.x264-Hi10P-CTR (English Dubbed Dual Audio)

2019-02-27 20:07 UTC
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![logo]( ``` Video Track: 1080p-Hi10p (Commie) Audio Track 1 (Default): English 5.1 FLAC(CTR) Audio Track 2: Japanese 5.1 FLAC (Beatrice-Raws) Subtitle Track 1 (Default): English Signs (.ASS) (Commie) Subtitle Track 2: English Dialogue (.ASS) (Commie) ``` [Release Thread]( | [CTR Release Index]( This is a remux of Commie video with Commie subs. We compared Commie's video to Beatrice-Raws and found the difference to be negligible, and sticking with Commie saved on any subs adjustments. However, I did include the 5.1 audio from Beatrice's release and my own rip of the English audio from the USBD to complete the set properly. enjoy. **CTR Releases:** Collecting the best available sources around the internet and packing them up so you don't have to. CTR releases are __never re-encodes__ and __never ordered chapters__. My releases cater specifically to English audio viewers, though Japanese viewers are welcome. More details can be found on the individual release threads or at my index on Nandato.

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  • No.Game.No.Life.Zero.S00E07.1080p.BluRay.FLAC5.1.x264-Hi10P-CTR.[6A329DDF].mkv (13.8 GiB)
I have downloaded this and many releases of this movie, and though there is nothing wrong with this release, for best visual quality I recommend this version by Cleo: and incredibly it is less than 2gb in size, if you don't believe me, download both and compare them.
@hygkolk I sincerely hope you're joking...