STEINS;GATE Linear Bounded Phenogram [English]

2019-02-27 15:38 UTC
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This game is pre-cracked. Run Launcher.exe to play.

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  • [Spike Chunsoft] STEINS;GATE Linear Bounded Phenogram v1. (3.6 GiB)
Oh, C’mon! Buy on the STEAM for support Localization on other games of STEINS;GATE and Science Adventure Series.
@farizxd, i want just the linear boundead, not the same shit game with animations..... Come on, its their own fault this time.
I like Spike Chunsoft but why would i buy literally the same game 3 times? How about they make a new fucking game
@Orov9, I'm sure, there's another version of Phenogram. A Fan Translation from Chinese to English. You should play that one. @fatlosergay, Well... I know if the ELITE is shit because of the price. But, if you want to play Phenogram, just play the fan translation instead of the official release version. Later, if you want to play again, you can buy the official on Steam and going through to support Localization.
I just want to buy the linear, not the "ELITE" , not gonna use the chinese translation because the client is bugged a lot, already have the steins gate, and the zero for my vita, don't wanna buy the same again just because its animated, just want the linear, if they are that dumb, well... Its not my problem.
OroV9@, I see.
Oh! I forget something. Instead of playing the crack version, why not you guys just watching that on YouTube. Someone already uploads it.
Ain't that the same as downloading it here tough? You are not paying and still get to see the entire game, the only difference is that you're not doing the clicking
yes, it's the same as have the auto read turn on forever.
If you want me to buy this shitty lazy cash grab in Steins;Gate Elite to support the series, I'd rather it die honestly. I support hard work, not garbage. I bought BRAND NEW, Steins;Gate on Vita, Steins;Gate 0 on PS4, Chaos;Child. If that's not enough, they can fuck off. All I wanted was Linear Bounded, but they decided to hold it hostage behind Elite, you CANNOT buy it on its own.
fuck off white-knighting soyboy farizxd. played the cn to english fantraslation using horrible psp port. it sucked dickends. dont tell me what to do. what are you doing here bitching about people torrenting? go back to steam fag.
@farizxd: I made an account just to say thank you. I've been living under a rock and only known Steins;Gate series 6 days ago. Since then I've marathoned the whole original anime, movie, and 0. Then went to Youtube to watch numerous playthrough of various VN and some Drama CD. Finally I decided to play the VN myself, went to Nyaa, and saw your comments on both Steins;Gate Elite and Linear Bounded Phenogram. As you might be able to guess by now, I bought it on Steam. The original VN, 0, Linear Bounded Phenogram, and Elite. There is a bundle which gives you 10% discount at the moment. Also before anyone said anything, yes I also know that Elite version is basically the original VN with the anime cutscenes and CGs. However I've done some research and from the general review it appears to be promising, an average of 9/10. That being said, I don't want to miss the experience of the original VN's scenes either, which is why I opted to buy the whole translated bundle on steam. Finally, no I'm not some rich bastard, I just happends to be a software architect and I know really well how frustating and tiring it is to make such a fluid program / game, let alone do the timing and writing and all that. So all in all, I just want to give some respect to the team, really. And that guy @farizxd reminds me to do just that. Thanks.
Something tells me farizxd's English is probably about at the same quality of that Chinese fan translation, so for that I'm doubly happy for this upload. Thanks!
@xatzimi He is a freaking joke, he is copy-pasting that BS from another post. Almost feels like a troll. BTW, nice avatar, shame is pixelized.. she was indeed the best girl.
@Playcool92 who is she?


@Asphyxia014 Komachi Tsugumi
I got hit with this error. What do I do to fix it?