[ToishY] Owarimonogatari S2 - Mayoi Hell - Part 1 & 2 (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC; ASS)

2019-02-25 02:05 UTC
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Well here's part 2 (and part 1 revised). Video/audio used: * [ReinForce](https://nyaa.si/view/992140) Subtitles change log: * A bit of visibility adjustments to OP/ED * Some font changes (frames with kanji/hiragana; some signs) If you've already downloaded part 1 and don't want to download it again, I've added a link for the subs/fonts for part 1 at the [other release](https://nyaa.si/view/1121500).

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Will have a look at this later, I am out of station right now. This is just a little rant of mine(you can ignore though) default font needs to be changed and with less border, it's not that it's bad but not my liking. And I liked your release, thanks for saving us from horrible retail subs, do you want a helping hand on timing of dialogue and kfx, QC? I can help you out. Though I don't know how to add effects but I can do timing.

ToishY (uploader)

@gsk_ Yeah well, maybe I'll size the border a bit down in the next release but it's fine for me for now. Well timing of dialogue isn't really an issue, OPs maybe (would save me some time). Quality checks aren't a bad idea either. You can hit me up on discord if you like (check description).
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nice thanks XD btw seeing the small inconsistency in OPs imo fastest and safest way to deal with styles is this. create the styles you want in one sub. then open sub with notepad and copy the lines for the styles you want. paste them on all the other subs via notepad.

ToishY (uploader)

Well can you clarify the small inconsistencies (screenshots)? Because they're synced and I've copied it from the one file to another. Anyway, I'll release the updated subs for episode 1 & 2 when I'm done with 3 & 4
well actually i checked again now and it was my bad. i was seeing sub alignment on OP different in each episode, as gsk pointed in the other thread. but i tried your subs again now and seems fine. (i only took your subs to use with other video source, and to splice your op & ed and signs into my subs. and it seems something fucked up somewhere. my fault oc and I easily fixed it. i just thought it was an issue with your sub, but its not)
I hope u will finish part 3 soon TQ

ToishY (uploader)

Well I'm pretty much done already with Hitagi part 1 (I think that's what you mean with part 3), but I'll probably release it when I'm also done with Hitagi part 2 (currently working on it).
Ougi dark will be done after hitagi rendezvous, right?
I appreciate the work you're doing. Looking forward to your future releases!