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Lord Starfish: Translation, Typesetting, Quality Check Puto: Editing, Encoding BYH: Timing A few notes on this one: -Firstly, yes, we did change the translation of "GanbaLilie". And yes, the new translation is taken straight from the English dub. Why? Well, while I wouldn't say that the new translation is GOOD, it was, in our opinion, significantly LESS BAD than the previous one. -The "Caddy Guru" speaks half Japanese, half English. This is difficult to convey in a translation while still making sense, so instead we opted to retain SOME of his English-isms (consistently using "me" to refer to himself regardless of whether it makes grammatical sense being the main one) and generally write his dialogue in slightly broken English. So yes, we know a lot of his lines are grammatically off. They're meant to be.

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Could someone please upload all of these?: 1) The entire series of One Piece. 2) The entire series of Dragon Ball. 3) The entire series of Naruto. 4) The entire series of Detective Conan. 5) The entire series of Pokémon. 6) All of the Japanese manga series that Akira Toriyama, Eiichiro Oda and Osamu Tezuka has ever produced. The 400 manga collection of Osamu Tezuka, all uploaded into English. Please reply. Thanks.
@5017927431 nah. Thanks.
Thanks for the subs! n_n
Can you please upload every anime that's ever been produced in the history of Japan, complete with subtitles in every language under the sun (including Japanese itself)? Thanks.
@5017927431 Sure, do you want those in 4k with ALAC audio, or would an SD encode with opus suffice?
@5017927431 Would you like some fries with that?
@5017927431 Holy..., when they told you to "Dream big" as a child... they probably didn't mean this!!
Might as well throw all the gintama eps in along with that.
Block noise. can you repair? https://i.imgur.com/LgthhOh.jpg