A Stormy Night - Arashi no Yoru ni 704p V1 [jhl][H265][EN51,JP71,CNT51]

2019-02-24 00:54 UTC
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7.1 日本語, 5.1/5.0 英語, 広東語. V: 704p CRF19 H265, recoded WEB. A: 7.1 Japanese, 5.1 English, Cantonese. S: MTBB/THORA-Ayu. Sources: Xonline/MTBB, ADC R3HK. A decent film, and finally a small & decent encode. You can immediately replace your THORA copy with this since it's better overall. Screenshots & DDL on Animetosho. * Video is mediocre. Although the range isn't smashed, unlike THORA. 1312px wide cuz some decoders crash on non-integer multiples of CTU width. * x265 is bad with dark & unpredictable things. Fur is both, and unfortunately, happens often. Everything else is fine tho. Hard to find a happy medium between size & quality. * It's quite blurry. It is DEFINITELY NOT worth 1036p. I applied a tad of sharpening, and the eyes look slightly distracting, but the trees are still blurry. Again, hard to find a happy medium. Originally, I had unsharp higher, but limiter didn't help the halos, but it did smash the darker scenes (which are quite important in this movie). * FFMPEG filters: set filterstring=-vf crop=1916:1036,scale=1312:704:flags=bicubic,hqdn3d=2,unsharp=luma_amount=0.75,limiter=8:232 * SFX, music, dialogue, and global levels vary across all languages so no matter what I do it'll still sound a bit inconsistent. Also, EN had music placement differences. Surround & LFE were turned down for balance. Exciter on EN/CNT to make speech more intelligible. * Experimental 7.1 upscale on JP track. I was aiming for 9.1, but couldn't isolate the music because of reverb mangling, so you get 7.1 (turning failure into success?). Maybe you will hear instability/ artefacts, but it will downmix +- to the original 5.1 * The ED is also by aiko this time, but unlike KOE KATACHI, it's not upscaled to surround! (the BGM is tho). Some discreteness tweaks. Star is also a MUCH better song than KoiNoShitaNoWa. * I didn't really like the EN ED, the AC3 I have didn't include it, and I couldn't find a HQ EN ED, so it is filled in by Star * There's quite a bit of a story to the EN fandub. http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Stormy_Night_Redub_Team . This all happened about 10 years ago, and the crew have all but disappeared from the internets, but I would like to make a 9.1+ surround mix of this someday, or at least a slightly better dub. Since this AC3 is badly encoded - 15k co @448kps, DD consumer or a worse encoder.

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