[andiandi] Dragon Ball - 037 [Original Japanese Broadcast Audio][Dragon Box Sync by andiandi]

2019-02-22 21:50 UTC
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### Dragon Ball - Episode 37 - Japanese Broadcast Audio (BETAMAX RIP) by Dougo13 ### Synced to Dragon Box video by andiandi ![alt text](http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2018/19/4/1525958340-betamax-x-dragonbox.jpg) ### Who am I ? I'm andiandi, a French uploader. You can find me on Yggtorrent.gg (a french tracker) : https://www2.yggtorrent.gg/profile/181057-andiandi I'm part of the "Team Mirolo", and syncing Dragon Ball audio tracks is one of our main job (If there is French people here, we did a lot of intersting stuff, mainly in dual audio french japanese). >I really want to thank shiteaterbubibinman for his upload, as well as Dougo13 for ripping the Japanese Broadcast Audio track from his Beta max cassette ! >I also thank Pendekar for his Dragon Box torrent from where I took the crappy Dragon Box audio track of episode 37 as the pattern DBOX track. *** I synced the track by encoding it to FLAC 24-Bit and stretching it from 24 fps to 23.976, and then align the different parts of the track (by adding & deleting silences). The track had been encoded with the best AAC encoder : Apple QAAC, in CVBR 192Kbps. ### Please, stay seeding, this upload must stay alive :) Thanks to everyone and I look forward to sync new raw Original Broadcast Audio tracks !

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  • [andiandi] Dragon Ball - 037 [Original Japanese Broadcast Audio][Dragon Box Sync by andiandi].m4a (31.8 MiB)
Merci ^^
Salut Andiandi, Tu ne réponds plus à tes courriels ?
This is the first I am seeing of OG Dragon Ball broadcast audio. How many episodes have broadcast audio?
@andiandi Can you please fix the file for episode 47? The file duration is 12:12:01 and does not sync up to the Dragon Box video. Great work on these! Really happy to have them.
@andiandi Would you mind release the syned lossless audio instead of AAC? I do a personal remux so lossless counts.
would someone mind seeding 30 & 33 thanks
Andiandi I see that you didn't sync the Broadcast audio for Dragon Ball Episode 1. Did you not notice that shiteaterbubibinman had also uploaded that episode which was also from doug13, or have you just not synced or uploaded that one yet? It is the only one you didn't sync. It would be wonderful if you could do that when you have the time. I only ask because what you have uploaded is incomplete without episode 1. Here is the link to episode 1 from shiteaterbubibinman. https://nyaa.si/view/1059400 Also I'm curious if you plan on syncing the broadcast audio for Dragon Ball episodes 1-7 and 153 using the broadcast audio at the following link. https://nyaa.si/view/955956 Thanks for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated!