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2019-02-22 05:31 UTC
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![Episode7](https://i.imgur.com/aynjS99.jpg "Episode 7") Episode 7 is finally here. Thanks for waiting! (And waiting for a v2!) We were fully prepared to keep to our Wednesday night (NA) release schedule, but to our dismay no raws were made available _at all_ until Wednesday morning. If the same thing happens again next week, we may need to switch to a Thursday night release schedule. Can't sub what we don't have access to. On a brighter note, Mia has started doing encoding for us. We had a bit of a snafu with the original encode, so we had to upload a quick version 2. Regardless, we'll be doing 1080p releases from now on, using Erai's raws as a base. And as always, there are two subtitle tracks–one without honorifics and with names in English order, and the other with honorifics and names in Japanese order.

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  • [Nauti] Kakegurui XX - 07v2 [1080p][6A240A63].mkv (832.5 MiB)
Thanks for the subs.

Nauti (uploader)

@ChaoXide - That's what what this is, people weren't fans of our x265-encoded release on impact so we just swapped out for erai-raws
Are the subs exactly same as the previous version?

Nauti (uploader)

@random_bigInteger Yep!
Ah, the "Mia has started encoding for us --- using Erai's raws as a base" sentence made me assume Mia was re-encoding Erai-raws rip. Well that's good to know. =)
Thank you so much, Nauti! Your efforts are tremendously appreciated! I've been refreshing all day.
He-he, I translated subs myself from Japanese language yesterday for 3-5 hours, 'cause i was tired to wait, that's why i don't understand the delay when several people are involved. And my translation is pretty good, I'm fully satisfied with it. Maybe it's time laps but Subs from Erai-raws were accessable for me on Wednesday evening at their site. I just waited for your subs till morning, and there were no subs that time, even softsubs which would be great as well- no need to wait for your encoding etc. activities that increase delay. :( 400 sentences without OP & ED lyrics- is pretty easy for some people, I suppose. And I don't get the profit of all those smiles and "(*)" you often use and thus increase the lines up to 1000 sentences! I think, that's the main reason your subs are always late, you're fond of fonts too much. :) Nevertheless, I think some people here are glad that there are ones at last. So, I'm glad for them too.
Thanks for your hard work
Yes! Finally 1080p ... Thanks :)
Arbuz shut the fuck up. You suck at English so why do you think anyone would even want your subs?
Finally 1080
@Arbuz who _are_ you even?
@Arbuz You managed to make about 5 mistakes in the 6 lines of your comment. Something tells me your translation isn't "pretty good"
@siryanako - Fuck off! I didn't insult you before, so why do you think you have right to do it!? I never offered my subs instead, moreover i was glad for those who waited Nauti's so long, so go fuck youself. @LightArrowsEXE - So what? And who are you? God? Judge? Angel? Wiseman? @shroed - Yes, you are right, because English is not my native language, but notice- I never mentioned the very language i translated into! So, keep calm. You don't have to bark at me for my opinion in order to increase your self-esteem! You even can't read attentively with your perfect English in order to get the point. And I didn't insult any of you before, I just underlined that subs came out too late, it's easy to translate them for 3-5 hours for a person, and can be much easier for some people...
thanks for the subs, mind if i ask why it's suddenly jump to 1080p release?
How'd you know I was Wiseman? That is supposed to be classified information.
Thanks Arbuz don't listen to them english only peasants, they like to insult others when they have subs already, but when they don't they start begging for nice people like you.
>tries to show off on someone else's release and makes himself look like a cunt >"nice people like you" man I wish people would call me a nice person too.
He didn't try to show off, he just talked about his own translation and he wonders why this one took so long. I have no idea why it took so long and I'm sure there's a valid explanation I just don't know about cuz I never translated anything. He never said "FUCK NAUTI GUYS THEY ARE FUCKING USELESS DOWNLOAD MINE" So I don't see why would anyone respond to him with something like "who the fuck are you?" or "shut the fuck up", besides just being assholes
>He-he, I translated subs myself from Japanese language yesterday for 3-5 hours If you know anything about translation, you know this guy is just trying to show off how much "better he is". His overall attitude is also a big giveaway, he's not just "wondering why it took so long". He's obviously taunting these guys.
I didn't read "taunt", I just read "I'm proud of myself". To each his own.
@LightArrowsEXE - Oh, really? I think you'd better not live in your imagination. That would be great for a wiseman to clarify if needed and live in reality. :) @Treus - Thanks God, there is an adequate person who can see beyond himself...
Oh get off your high horse.
Thanks for the Subs mate :)
@LightArrowsEXE - It's difficult to explain smth for a person who live in his own perception. Those people would always think they know better me than me myself, and would explain everything in my life according to their score table. That's funny though! Ok. it's your choice, just stay with it personally and don't make others follow you because you are wrong in your conclusions. You see what you wanna see, wise people say: "you see what you are full of"...
Yes, because I, _too_, go on other people's releases and talk about how much faster or better I am. Whatever man, if you want to come off as a condescending dickhead, that's your prerogative. I don't plan on biting anymore. Also for reference, my "wiseman" was a reference to [this](https://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=creator&creatorid=54548), not whatever you think it is.
1080p spoils the file congruity I've been working to keep... LOL.
@LightArrowsEXE - I think you'd better be an advocate, secretary or whatever, but definitely not a wiseman, too hard of you to get things well. You see what you wanna see- actually, it's your problem. Just don't spread your own conclusions for others, 'cause they have their own head and, perhaps, they would see things otherwise and get the point. "I don’t plan on biting anymore". - Oh, thanks God, it's done! :)
@dartallis If you are willing, you can download the 720p video from erai-raws website and the subs from animetosho and mux them.
another day another incredible nyaa comment section
@Maxine Hahah! This is some quality reading while waiting for the download to finish


> we’ll be doing 1080p releases from now on, using Erai’s raws as a base. fuck yes, finally I don't need to go through remuxing thanks
@haz just out of curiosity, why bother watching at 1080? the show looks to be produced in 720p.
Show _should_ be native 810p, not 720p @Maxine. All recent MAPPA shows are.
@Arbuz you should realize that your criticism is an offend because you did not understand well the reason behind this delay. Please be more carefull and grateful in your future comment.
@LightArrows thanks, I noticed Dororo was, I didn't know this was a MAPPA show as well
@random_bigInteger Thanks, I will do that then.
Thanks a lot for switching to 1080p! :D
Everytime an SA18HD / Kamyne get cleaned up from nyaa, something like Arbuz comes crawling out of the mud to take its place. At least this place will never cease to entertain. @Arbuz: congr. proclaiming ur 1 defender "adequate". MayB u shd learn a little Eng. b4 u parade ur hi-spd subz skillz being for better over evry1.
Thank you for subs.
@nyaacommentsareshit - Well, history shows that the crowd is blind so, yes, I'm glad for a single person who can see beyond his EGO... I suppose that you're another imaginator 'cause you also see what you wanna see. Reread and get it well, let alone i never mentioned English subs of my translation and never said that I was the best. It's all your fantasy! I think proudness and arrogance prevent you all to see it clearly because from your side it seems that someone's hurt your ego, but actually I have meant another thing. That's obvious for that single person who tried to use empathy. Also I wrote that I was glad anyway for the Nauti subs. Have you noticed that? @Fallenralf - I'm grateful for the subs but don't wait for my bowing down on my knees for that- that's the total difference. I (alone) translated Jap.subs for 5 hours, here several people make a translation. It's obvious of me that it should be definitely faster than mine. If there are some problems with the RAW video, why not share softsubs with those who wait, in order that people can watch it ASAP, using other available RAWs. And those who wait for the total work of Nauti team with 1080р video will watch it later with hardsubs (in 2 days). That was the point. Was it not that clear?
@arbuz: shut up you arrogant asshole, you're so entitled and think so highly of yourself and keep pestering this thread, you and your ego are toxic as hell.
@Vesteria - It's very easy to see what a person full of by saying that's not expected. The reason why you can't get my first message right is that you don't want. That's it. All you can say are bad words toward me just because i prefer not to lick each other's ass or play diplomacy. You played the bad word game and then expected me to accept it siliently, and you did all this huge comment job instead of just answering the reason of subs delay (apart from RAW videos). And you also think that insulting me you will add scores to you pride, but you are wrong. If you had been so attentive, you would have noticed that i merely return the bullshit to the sender, because i didn't insult anyone first. I'm not responsible for your wrong perception of things made by your huge ego...
It's better ask and clarify and state with arguments (not your feelings) than make wrong conclusions, because when all you want is to be right and win, and listen to only pleasant things like "thank you, you are my savior" etc.- you will never get it. I don't like flattering, because if someone expects "thanks" in return for his freewill action, then it means that he merely sells his good deeds for glory... Still noone could explain the reason of softsubs delay. I faced mostly users' barking at me with emotions and their perceptions based on their imagination and the very condition they feel while reading or expecting thanksgiving of me. That's unfair to establish frames for me and point me what to do when i haven't told you my advices but questions and misunderstanding. You yourself exxegerated small problem into a huge one. If you're gonna insult me, then be prepared to receive my responce! That's simple. The more you write your bad emotions and describe me your inner world with your attitude, the more i fell that i am at the Zoo, 'cause i expect adequate answers with arguments and clear mind instead... like humans must have... For those who thought I diminished Nauti's work- you were totally wrong. I'm grateful and glad that others can use the outcome, but still can't get why they can't attach softsubs and in a day or two upload Video with hardsubs. That was the main point of my messages above...

Nauti (uploader)

@Arbuz. The reason for the delay this week was that Ohys couldn't upload the raws until a day after the show aired in Japan. (This is explained in the summary at the top.) The reason we take 36 hours to release instead of the 4-5 needed for translation is that we are not speedsubs, there's a lot more work that goes in to the release, like sign typesetting, proper timing, etc. Because we all have jobs or school, we can't get everything done in one day. (Despite some comments here, the video resolution has little to do with it.)
@Nauti - Thank you so much for the explaination... But will it be possible that you post your subs ASAP apart from video in future? I mean softsubs. Will the upload be faster in this way or remain the same in speed? If it will, then can you give the link, where it's possible to get them ASAP, and then watch it with RAW of Ohys? If you please, of course... Anyway, Good Luck!!!
thx for the 1080p
thanks a lot brother
Is it possible to include the subs as a separate file? I've been downloading Ohys-Raws since they're a lot smaller in size, but can't find any external subs online.
quality comment threads like this one are what we're all here for
Any 720p out there?
Will you do the rest of episodes, 01-06 in 1080 as well?