[andiandi] Dragon Ball - 047 [Original Japanese Broadcast Audio][Dragon Box Sync by andiandi]

2019-02-19 22:19 UTC
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### Dragon Ball - Episode 47 - Japanese Broadcast Audio (BETAMAX RIP) by Dougo13 ### Synced to Dragon Box video by andiandi ![alt text](http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2018/19/4/1525958340-betamax-x-dragonbox.jpg) ### Who am I ? I'm andiandi, a French uploader. You can find me on Yggtorrent.is (a french tracker) : https://yggtorrent.is/profile/181057-andiandi I'm part of the "Team Mirolo", and syncing Dragon Ball audio tracks is one of our main job (If there is French people here, we did a lot of intersting stuff, mainly in dual audio french japanese). >I really want to thank shiteaterbubibinman for his upload, as well as Dougo13 for ripping the Japanese Broadcast Audio track from his Beta max cassette ! >I also thank Pendekar for his Dragon Box torrent from where I took the crappy Dragon Box audio track of episode 47 as the pattern DBOX track. *** I synced the track by encoding it to FLAC 24-Bit and stretching it from 24 fps to 23.976, and then align the different parts of the track (by adding & deleting silences). The track had been encoded with the best AAC encoder : Apple QAAC, in CVBR 192Kbps. ### Please, stay seeding, this upload must stay alive :) Thanks to everyone and I look forward to sync new raw Original Broadcast Audio tracks !

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  • [andiandi] Dragon Ball - 047 [Original Japanese Broadcast Audio][Dragon Box Sync by andiandi].m4a (33.4 MiB)
This one doesn't sync up.