[SCY] Hellsing Ultimate (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [Dual-Audio]

2019-02-19 14:11 UTC
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**- 1080p -** Audio Track 1 (Default): English 5.1 FLAC Audio Track 2: Japanese 5.1 FLAC Audio Track 3: English Commentary 2.0 FLAC Subtitle Track 1 (Default): English Signs & Songs (.ASS) Subtitle Track 2: English Dialogue [Kametsu modified] (.ASS) Dual-audio remux featuring my own 1080p encodes and modified Kametsu subtitles (which uses DGz as a base with parts borrowed from Whine/Sage). I adjusted the dialogue styling, fades and some of the typesetting. I chose to remove the lyrics for (insert) songs as they were rather distracting, looked ugly and didn't suit the show very well, especially given the show's international roots. The main reason I encoded this is because I wasn't quite satisfied with the encodes from Salender-Raws, which lacked any sort of edgefixing, cropping, scenefiltering or rescaling. The lack of rescaling is especially important, considering all episodes were produced at 540p/720p. Despite that, I chose to do a 1080p release to accommodate for the lossless 5.1/2.0 audio tracks. Plus, and while definitely a rarity, some episodes do actually feature native 900p and 1080p content. Overall, filtering comes down to rescaling, anti-aliasing, edgefixing, cropping, adaptive denoising, debanding and dehaloing. Naturally, I used different filtering for most episodes to accommodate for their native resolution and source defects. One thing I should probably mention is that episodes 2-4 feature hundreds of Q-TEC upscaled scenes. Originally, these were heavily oversharpened a contained a lot of aliasing and haloing. I went through every episode manually and scenefiltered these scenes with extra strong anti-aliasing and dehaloing. Credits and 1080p elements were scenefiltered as well, except for some episodes where the background content featured Q-TEC upscaling. As some of you may know, episodes 5-8 from the USBD have previews included at the end, causing the English commentary tracks to be longer than the JPBD episodes. To fix this problem, I extended my encodes by attaching the previews from the USBD. Subtitles for the previews come from the USBD and were slightly edited and retimed. Audio tracks for all episodes were synced and encoded from scratch (interestingly enough, the first few episodes have worse audio than the rest). Also, keep in mind that not every episode has signs, so it's possible there may not be a signs track included. Enjoy!

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  • [SCY] Hellsing Ultimate (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [Dual-Audio]
    • [SCY] Hellsing Ultimate - 01 (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [C6BEBA80].mkv (4.2 GiB)
    • [SCY] Hellsing Ultimate - 02 (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [DCC4CFBE].mkv (4.7 GiB)
    • [SCY] Hellsing Ultimate - 03 (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [0AC0941A].mkv (5.1 GiB)
    • [SCY] Hellsing Ultimate - 04 (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [036F0D3B].mkv (6.4 GiB)
    • [SCY] Hellsing Ultimate - 05 (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [C702700F].mkv (6.7 GiB)
    • [SCY] Hellsing Ultimate - 06 (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [85C13954].mkv (6.2 GiB)
    • [SCY] Hellsing Ultimate - 07 (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [EA96863E].mkv (5.5 GiB)
    • [SCY] Hellsing Ultimate - 08 (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [1410A15A].mkv (6.5 GiB)
    • [SCY] Hellsing Ultimate - 09 (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [A421B059].mkv (5.5 GiB)
    • [SCY] Hellsing Ultimate - 10 (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [BFAA867E].mkv (8.4 GiB)
As usual, your attention to the finer details appears to be exceptional.
>I chose to do a 1080p release to accommodate for the lossless 5.1/2.0 audio tracks how are those related?

Scyrous (uploader)

@herkz - I really shouldn’t have to explain this. General standard is FLAC for 1080p BD upscales and lossy audio for native res encodes. Doing an upscaled 1080p encode with lossy audio would be hypocritical. The point of lossy audio is to lower the filesize without any major audible difference in quality. If you’re keen on lowering filesizes, the same logic should apply to the video. You’d want to downscale the source to its native res to lower the filesize without sacrificing any detail. Of course, there’s exceptions to be made here (i.e. native 1080p movies or SD upscales which had a terrible 1080p transfer). And with WEB sources there is obviously no lossless audio available. But yeah, in general, I firmly believe 1080p BD upscales with lossy audio are contradictory. And I know there’s plenty of fansub groups out there who disagree with that, and that’s fine. Hope that answers your question.
Sankyuu for this!!!
Long live the Dracula!
Amazing release! I love this anime
What software do you use for all your editing , encoding, syncing, etc?


WTF lol, it says "invalid file format" UNLESS I enable the english subtitle track on Plex. So strange.
Thanks. Video 10. Audio 10. Series 9.
Oh damn. Thanks a lot for this.
damn that is some high quality episodes thanks a lot man (:
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@AbdallahMehiz What episode/time?