[Acebuster] Aim for the Ace! - 11 [BD 1080p AAC] [80D8A770].mkv

2019-02-19 02:56 UTC
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Wow, it’s another episode! Who saw this coming? More coming! ![!](https://files.catbox.moe/ubusvu.jpg "!") --- Two subtitle tracks: one with and one without typeset signs. Credit to ILA and BlueFixer subs for translating the series originally. Our script is a heavily edited version of theirs, with typesetting. Please post if you find any mistakes in the script so we can fix it for a batch release at the end. Contact info can be found on the website.

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  • [Acebuster] Aim for the Ace! - 11 [BD 1080p AAC] [80D8A770].mkv (2.0 GiB)
Two subtitle tracks, which one is without typesetting? That's an interesting and strange decision. Can you explain why you chose to do this? I would assume you would have a seperate track for honorifics instead, for example.
its finally here

halkomugi (uploader)

@Astral >which one is without typesetting? The one that is titled "English no TS". As for the reason why, it's because I'm still fairly new to typesetting. I'm far from great, and as such I sympathize with some people maybe finding my TS distracting instead of adding to the experience, so I wanted to give people the option to disable it. Obviously I /do/ think it adds and should be watched with TS. Also, every single sign needs motion tracking since it's a jittery cel animated show, and so some toasters out there might have trouble rendering them properly. We actually did talk about including a no-honorifics track (with TS and as default) for the batch release. Personally, I don't really care if there are honorifics or not, but the editor thinks it would be better to leave them out so we're probably going to do that.
Sorry about that, I was trying to type 'Two subtitle tracks, **in** which one is without typesetting?'. This is what I get for typing on my phone for once. If you're new to typesetting and signs need 'motion tracking', there's a good chance you can just use \move for the movements that aren't zoomed in or out (left to right, up down, etc..). You may also already know this, but http://unanimated.hostfree.pw/ts/index.htm is a good read if you're learning to typeset. Also, toasters generally won't have a problem with a lot of intensive signs if they're using MPV from my experience with a terrible laptop... Unless you're having multiple gradients in one scene which are motion-tracked. Lastly, I would definitely agree with your editor regarding the localized sub track, it avoids having people arguing about how your subs are 'wrong' because some like honorifics and others do not. Anyway, I'll look forward to the batch. Thanks friend.

halkomugi (uploader)

\move won't help with this type of show. The image itself jitters because of how it was produced (as does everything from this era), so even signs that technically aren't meant to move, move. It ends up looking awful if you don't motion track them.
Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for doing this!
Thanks for getting the BDs forever ago. I have a seedbox for when you release the BDMVs. On an unrelated note (pre-2000s), I'm thinking of buying the 60's Osomatsu-san DVD re-release.