[Mezashite] Maquia - Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou [BD 1080p AAC] [8F401974].mkv

2019-02-16 05:51 UTC
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#mezashite@irc.rizon.net Original translation of Okada Mari's directorial debut, Maquia. This release contains two audio tracks: 2.0 (default) and 5.1. Credits and movie analysis can be found on the site.

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  • [Mezashite] Maquia - Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou [BD 1080p AAC] [8F401974].mkv (14.4 GiB)


first ![oppai](https://i.imgur.com/rDtwKBl.jpg)
Thanks, again... <3
This is good!!!!
Worth waiting for.
What Aikatsu movie is this one?
Please share the subtitles file
Saw that on a delta flight. Face it, anime has gotten too mainstream.
Thanks a lot. It's most appreciated.
For those who want the subtitle files - animetosho is your friend
Finally! Thanks much!
Thanks for the fantastic work! Small question though, was FLAC audio not possible with the BD?
I've watched it a long time ago.
Will you be releasing a 720p version? I'm not asking for one, I just want to know since if you are then I won't upload my encode.

Mezashite (uploader)

We won't be releasing a 720p version ourselves, as we wanted to focus only on the best video quality. As for why no flac, that was also a deliberate decision given the options available.
>Small question though, was FLAC audio not possible with the BD? flac is useless for anime when aac exists honestly if you really truly cared about audio quality that much, you'd be demanding 24 bit 96kHz FLAC in anime, and we both know that's ridiculous
Phew. I was getting worried there for a second, that condescension wouldn't show up with this many comments. Thanks for the upload.
^Did you mean "[...] that condescension WOULD show up with this many comments"? Regardless, I'd rather read a bunch of condescending posts in lieu of "Thanks" over and over. Thanksposts and Thanksposters are literally worthless in every way.
i wasn’t trying to be condescending, just explaining something, my bad
wouldnt have hurt to include the english dub as well
^ Yes it would have. This is obviously from the JP bluray which does not match perfectly with the US BD. It would involve a lot more work to add the English dub for no real benefit.
It was a sarcastic joke about how there's pretty much always insulting/condescending comments on an upload with more than 10+ comments. Either towards the uploader or someone else in the comment section. I was fully expecting to see some here with ~20 comments, and almost got to the bottom without it.
Maybe the video from the japanese bluray and the english dub didn't matchup because the us bluray has 12 seconds more at the beginning than the japanese bluray does. It's easy to retime the english audio to match the japanese video, ditto for the subs-raw japanese video + raw dts english audio=the best possible release.


is this a bd remux?
Add a low size on !!!
Dunno if it was the show or the encode but there were many scenes that were too bleached out sadly, many on IMDB said the animation was superb but looking at Google for screenshots I'm worried it's the show not the encode - certainly overrated but there are nice moments. (the screenshot here is a bit delusive - it is pretty much family friendly) Again re the story, highly rated on IMDB but I couldn't get invested in the characters- I'll never forget the finish of (obfuscated to avoid a spoiler) where a similar theme of contrasting lifetimes emerges but this one, where it is an omnipresent idea, just was largely uninvolving. Eng subs seemed fine. Thanks Mezashite.