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2019-02-12 21:56 UTC
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  • [Ohys-Raws] Kakegurui XX - 06 (MBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4 (344.9 MiB)
Nice. Now there are NO subs in a propper time at all... People got mad at Hibiki, Mizore, who using Ohys-Raws did it ASAP with softsubs not later than 12 hours after airing, but now it would be done somehow tomorrow, more than 36 hours, and a big question- if they would be done tomorrow. I checked and was surprised that there is DUB for this anime already done, but in Russian language. And we have SUBs delay thanks to all who had complained a lot... Mizore, Hibiki, please come back!!! Let others wait until apocalipsys with super accurate subtitles from Nauti and Co...
Yeah this is fucking annoying, subs take 3 days now because these subbing "groups" are taking care of it. Bullshit. They aren't even high enough quality subs to warrant it taking this long. Fucking come one already this is actually pathetic.
Mizore, Hibiki, please come back!!! Please. please, please. For those who want to wait so long of Nauti- let them wait...
boo hoo, no subs for my free stuff, boo hoo
That's funny to hear when they use RAW videos and subs from Erai-raws or Horrible-subs for free... Really NO logic at all!))))) I understand that someone wants to increase one's self esteem with it, but saying so in this situation, is a bullshit!))))) If i had known Japanese language it would have been taken about 5 hours to make Subs for an episode. And I'd have shared it ASAP for free! I'm not a prostitute to sell smth that i used for free... Ha-ha-ha...
Ye you guys are right i was drunk and angry I dont even remember making that comment lmao