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2019-02-08 17:37 UTC
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Sub file DDL: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vb8lokxozwx15nj/%5BVentoGiusto%5D_JoJo%27s_Bizarre_Adventure_-_Golden_Wind_18.ass/file Based off official subs, edited to correct any names that were changed for trademark purposes.

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  • [VentoGiusto] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Golden Wind 18.mkv (538.7 MiB)
once again, the subs had lines with missing text due to special characters at 12:37, the bridge is named Ponto della Libertà, but it's missing the 'à' (and maybe any other text that may have come after that) at 14:10, the line cuts at 'na' where the word 'naïve' takes place besides, I believe other lines where the words spoken are interrupted are missing the '—' dash in the end at least these are the ones I managed to notice
an addition to my previous comment: at 16:00, 16:08, 16:27, 17:00, four lines of dialog are cut before the special charater º for degrees, and some text is missed due to this

crazydiamond (uploader)

This is something I'm going to put more effort into working on. I haven't put that much work in the past as I've yet to encounter this problem on my own (special characters show up fine) so it was hard to see the breaks. I could try to remove the special characters altogether. Some of them could be tricky but I haven't tried it in any major extent yet.
are you saying this is a localized issue, and not something that is happening to everyone watching this sub? that's pretty strange, as the lines also appear cut when I open the .mkv file in SubtitleEdit, and the special characters work fine when I checked the HorribleSub file (so this shouldn't be a videoplayer issue, for example) well, I hope you manage to figure this out. I'm grateful for the work you do so I wish to continue enjoying your sub in the future, hopefully without these hiccups
most, I just tried on mine and it seems to work fine. Specifically I checked the Ponto della Libertà line. I'm using MPC-HC 64-bit.
BioStormX, I use the exact same videoplayer... this is really strange another thing I noticed (which honestly I should've tried before), is that the mediafire .ass file doesn't have this problem, only the .mkv torrent I don't know what to make out of this, but at the very least now I know I can just download your .ass instead of having to edit the sub myself sorry to flood the comments with this issue, specially since it's not something other people are experiencing
Oh, I always just download the horriblesubs video and use the mediafire link, so that'd probably explain why it was fine for me.
Seems like he should update his mkvmerge seeing as its like 8 versions old from last may, and this looks like a bug that was solved in july: mkvmerge: JSON identification: mkvmerge will ensure that all strings passed to the JSON output modules are valid UTF-8 encoded strings by replacing invalid bytes with placeholder characters. This avoids the JSON library throwing an exception and mkvmerge aborting on such data. Fixes #2327.

crazydiamond (uploader)

I've upgraded mkvtoolnix. I'll see if that solves the problem.