One Piece v89 (DigitalSD) (Viz)

2019-02-05 12:48 UTC
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Thanks! Also check black clover out already!!!

jdcox215 (uploader)

@Noturaverageweeb -
you are a life saver !!!! please do make kimetsu no yaiba vol 3
The image quality is really low. Also the double pages have different height in most cases and when combined they look like shit. LuCaZ come back!!

jdcox215 (uploader)

There's a reason it says DigitalSD. If you are gonna come on the page to complain, don't! I release this the same day as it releases on Amazon! I rip from Amazon, downloading using their Kindle App, transferring over to Calibre, using the DeDRM plugins and using KindleUnpack to pack it into pictures. I then use Winrar to zip the files using the Store method, using no compression! So unless you have a recommended way for me to rip the manga, don't complain! PLEASE!
@jdcox215 don't mind those criticism, you are doing a really hard job in making these volumes available to us broke, which in turn may lead to some people buying the physical volume. When we are the beggars we possibly can't choose. Thanks again. Some people will just criticize for anything someone does.

jdcox215 (uploader)

@Noturaverageweeb - Thank you, I needed that. I will continue to get Black Clover volumes, because I've heard so many people talking about it, I decided I might as well jump on the bandwagon. Like I'm FULL on the bandwagon too, I downloaded the BDMV's from ADC, made an encode from them, and then downloaded a Funi-DL of the rest of them so I could have them in Dub XD
@jdcox215 yes, black clover is probably not everyone's cup of tea but once you come past the start there is some good development and story writing in. Do read the manga as umm.. The animation isn't great.
@jdcox215 if you have viz shonen jump subscription, I can tell you a better and easier way to rip off manga chapters and in higher quality. Even a child can do it, just nobody has found it out. I don't have viz sub myself since I am student without bank account. Email me at and tell your username from which you sent email in comments here after you email me since I won't reveal it to other people otherwise viz will find out and block the technique. I won't share any attachments or links in email so don't worry about virus. There is no need to, its super easy technique. In return upload the One Piece chapters 880 to present using that technique in high quality. I can share this technique to other uploaders here who upload good amount of manga, after verifying. They can email me if they see this post.