NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 - The Phantom Fortress [ULES01088] [PSP Remaster] [PS3 PKG]

2019-02-03 20:55 UTC
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### **I've made a very nice looking PSP Remaster of Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 using good photos, ok compression, & MINIS2 settings.** TESTED on PS3 Rebug CFW only (don't know if it works on OFW) PSP ISO at **Also if the torrent is slow or not working, try downloading it at!btwBFAgT Key: A-DctpRaMF81ZK-a1F1xHQ** Note my MediaFire files are down & will most likely be gone, for now, will be uploading to Mega, PW is my name. ![alt text]( "Cover") **Title:** Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 - The Phantom Fortress **Genre:** Fighting **Year:** 2008-07-11 **Developer:** ‎ CyberConnect2 **Publishers:** Atari **Language:** English, French, German, Italian, Spanish **Description:** Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress is the second Naruto instalment of the PSP as well as the sequel to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes. Unlike the previous game, this game has a game-exclusive Mugen Castle Arc which is the after events of previous arcs. This release is the full non-modified version of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes, and contains the three characters that were removed, which includes The Third Hokage, Shizune and Kabuto. Both removed stages and the game's Story Mode are now present as well. Additionally, movesets have been updated. **Playable Characters:** Naruto Uzumaki (Fox Mode) Sasuke Uchiha (Curse Mark Mode) Sakura Haruno (Ultimate Mode) Shikamaru Nara (Ultimate Mode) Ino Yamanaka Chōji Akimichi (Expansion Mode) Kiba Inuzuka (Food Pill Mode) Shino Aburame (Ultimate Mode) Hinata Hyūga (Byakugan Mode) Gaara (Ultimate Mode) Rock Lee (Eight Gates Mode) Neji Hyūga (Byakugan Mode) Tenten (Ultimate Mode) Kakashi Hatake (Sharingan Mode) Might Guy (Eight Gates Mode) Shizune Hiruzen Sarutobi (Reaper Death Seal Mode) Jiraiya (Ultimate Mode) Orochimaru Tsunade (Regeneration Mode) Itachi Uchiha (Tsukuyomi Mode) Kisame Hoshigaki (Shark Mode) Kabuto Yakushi (Ultimate Mode) **Important:** Some Videos will have problems next to the sub text. Other than that, the game is fully working. **Screenshots:** ![alt text]( "XMB") ![alt text]( "D1") ![alt text]( "D1") ![alt text]( "D1") ![alt text]( "D1") **P.S. I'm working on more PSP for PS3. If you have any ideas, let me know.**

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when i launch the game it give me black screen, then it kick me out to XMB ?