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2019-02-03 18:36 UTC
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A very pretty episode. I have tried to use the same translation style for the insert song as I did when first translating the ED, as it does not really carry any vibe or match the tone of the episode when put into English literally. It is also similar in style to the ED and written by the same team. This episode is a giant nod to Tanabata, a Japanese star festival which takes place every year on July 7. The peacocks seem to be a nod to the constellation *Pavo*, Latin for 'peacock'. The Japanese name for it is 'Peacock Constellation' (*kujaku-za*). Other fun peacock notes: 1. Peacocks are technically capable of flying, but it seems they can not fly high or for long distances. 2. Female peacocks do not have the same signature plumage as their male counterparts. 3. Technically, 'peacock' refers to the male peafowl, whereas a female 'peacock' would be a peahen. 'Peacock' usually refers to the Indian peafowl, or the common peacock. 4. The cry of a peacock sounds both pathetic and adorable. https://youtu.be/nPoyZcEj0y4 --- Screenplay: Yumi Kageyama Art Directors: Yuki Yukie, Tomoko Ide Animation Director: Toshie Kawamura Episode Director/Storyboard: Yoshihiro Oka I noticed the sunset's lighting/shading for this episode matched that of the sunset scenes in episode 31, and they both have the same exact staff in all colour- and background-related roles. Aside from Yuki Yukie and Tomoko Ide, these credits would be: Backgrounds: Midori Tanaka Digital Colour Artists: Aiko Seguchi, Ayumi Tada (probably? 多田歩) Colour Designer: Ichio Kinukasa (even more ambiguous name; it's 衣笠一雄) --- I recommend [mpv](https://mpv.io/) for playback. Twitter: [Me](https://twitter.com/maxdotine) / [SquareAnon](https://twitter.com/SquareAnon) Donate to me: [Patreon](https://patreon.com/maxdotine) / [PayPal](https://paypal.me/maxdotine) / BTC@1Ax8o7TH2nVKE1ZJwYsBpbTFQKXJR4VKJ3

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