The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Zero - Zero no Kiseki (English Patched) [NPJH50311] [PSP Remaster] [PS3 PKG]

2019-01-30 22:01 UTC
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### **I've made a very nice looking PSP Remaster of Zero no Kiseki using good photos,little compression, & MINIS2 settings.** TESTED on PS3 Rebug CFW only (don't know if it works on OFW) PSP ISO at **Also if the torrent is slow or not working, try downloading it at!btwBFAgT Key: A-DctpRaMF81ZK-a1F1xHQ** Note my MediaFire files are down & will most likely be gone, for now, will be uploading to Mega, PW is my name. ![alt text]( "Cover") **Title:** The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Zero (Zero no Kiseki) **Genre:** Role-playing game **Year:** 2010-09-30 **Developer:** ‎ Nihon Falcom **Publishers:** Falcom **Language:** English **Description:** The 4th game in the Trails series of Legend of Heroes and the 1st game in the Crossbell arc. The city of Crossbell is a crossroads of sorts between the Erebonian Empire, the Liberl Kingdom, and the Calvard Republic geographically, causing it to become a central hub of trade for the continent of Zemuria. This part of the saga stars a young new recruit to the police force named Lloyd Bannings, who gets assigned to the Special Support Section (SSS), and he and his gang pretty much does tasks that the police neither has the time or the will to do. **Important:** Save Data Screenshot does not work, so your Save Data will be a black icon that has the Zero no Kiseki Logo on it. This is a leaked “beta” English patch from the old translation team. No one on the team released it intentionally. What is important is this is 100% translated with a few grammar errors and typos here and there that only fluent English speakers would notice. The script is kinda unpolished but readable to understand the story. If you can ignore the flaws, you can play the game in full English. **Screenshots:** ![alt text]( "XMB") ![alt text]( "D1") ![alt text]( "D1") ![alt text]( "D1") ![alt text]( "D1") **P.S. I'm working on more PSP for PS3. If you have any ideas, let me know.**

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