[Lean-Subs] Strike The Blood III - 02

2019-01-28 10:27 UTC
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Just subtitles. No fancy stuff like karaoke or typesetting. If you like the subs, please consider seeding. Raw source: Ohys-Raws

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  • [Lean-Subs] Strike the Blood III - 02.mkv (339.1 MiB)
1080p? thanks :)
the savior! thanks a lot do you know how often the OVAs are coming out?

leansubs (uploader)

@rap004 I'm not going to release any other versions. @Inokori: December 19 2018, March 27, May 29, July 24, and September 25 2019 according to ANN.
oh ok! could upload just subtitle only, thank you!
Thank you for this OVA. I don't know if going you make others episode of this ova, but I'll hope yes!
leansubs, These a more than "Just subtitles". There great subs, and you didn't de-evolve the video. It's like were back in time to 2006. It's easy to see you took your time making them. Hope to see your name again in March when the next OVA is released. Thanks. P.S. If your board and feel like working on another Anime. Date A Live Season III just started. LoL I'm joking but i'm also not joking. Somebody that can make great subs from scratch Hey "rap004" go over to Animetosho.com and search for the exact same file. When the page loads double click on All Attachmants below the first screen shot. That's where you can find what your looking for.
Thanks for the subs. i didn't have much hope of seeing this in English as no legit company will license it.
@leansubs thanks very much
Thank you for subbing this series. :D