Dragon Ball Super: Broly English Dub | Internal Screener Leak | 1280x720

2019-01-27 23:31 UTC
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¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ ![1](https://i.imgur.com/avb52N8.jpg) ![2](https://i.imgur.com/LgTsd9E.jpg) ![3](https://i.imgur.com/ebcSChf.jpg)

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Je l'ai aussi, par contre sa mère la pute c'est en anglais


Real or fake?
oh wow... it's real
Is there any way we can get this print in the original Japanese?
its a DVD upscaled to 720p :(
It's real, no fake. But what it's the source? Web, DVD or what?
Green tint, but real.
It's real, from a youtuber review copy.
Not exactly a review copy. Seems like someone got a hold of a DVD copy or something similar that theaters use to playback the movie. But yes, someone did leak the movie through YouTube and this release is literally from that YouTube upload hence the heavy compression artifacts (and quite possibly the weird FPS).
Is it possible to watch it with the weird FPS and compression or one to avoid?
@arkhamtheknight It's possible to watch it if you don't mind all that, but, personally, I'd avoid it and wait for an actual Bluray release and see it in the best quality it can look because I think this is the best looking DB movie to date in terms of animation quality.
I will CC this version to get rid of the tints . ![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/305414020628742144/539339643917959168/unknown.png) ![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/305414020628742144/539342649233113108/unknown.png)
@SimonCowell possible to share the link?
I will upload it here as soon as i finish it .
Souka, sankyū. ;)
Can't wait for Simon's upload, man. I watched an awful cam rip of this and it was terrible. This leak is a blessing!
@SimonCowell Any updates? ^,,^
Was hoping for a DVDSCRN or something. Thanks. Will give FUNi's dub a shot for the time being, it sounds really damn good (according to the trailers).
DIEUX MERCI JE SAIS PAS QUI A FAIT CA MAIS QU'IL SOIT REMERCIER PAR TOUTE LA CHANCE DU MONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! par contre putain c'est en anglais.......
Thanks for this release but I'm waiting for a version with Japanese audio. The original is always better.
In about hmm 4 hours it should be done . I felt asleep and forgot to hit the encode button .xD
@Saiyajin-95: Only if you like your male main character sounding like an old Grandma, the Japanese voice of Goku is the worst voice in the History of anime.
I've confirmed this with a few youtubers, it's a review copy, it has the green tint applied which every copy got.
@Masamune : My God, you Americans are cheeky. Masako Nozawa's performance is amazing. When Bardock is speaking I've goosebumps. But you should look at all the shit you grew with and you like, it's not better. Should I speak of your shitty English dub ? Vegeta's voice, he's vomiting like a rock star, tht make me sick. And let's speak about kid gohan and kid Goku, my God it's butchery. And your Bruce Falconer OST that you love so much : I never heard shit like that, like ALL emotions are gone, it's just electric guitar and annoying electronic sounds. Do you guys think Dragon Ball is a metal concert ? BTW, that annoying OST of DBS Broly is surely designed for your community (the GO GO BROLY, GOGO GOGETA SHIT) I don't know if it's your patriotism, but every fan of DB prefer Japanese voices and OST over their own country version except you...
@andiandi Dude, "Bruce Faulconer" really? The Faulconer Productions team hasn't been in use since FUNi ended their DBZ dub and FUNimation has been trying to remove themselves from being associated with Faulconer as there's some sort of copyright issues between them. FUNimation redeemed themselves ever since they dubbed Kai, Kai TFC, Super and now this movie! You mock them but you forget that your French dub was shit until AB dubbed Kai as well.
@andiandi Great, I share everything you've said. Also on the Ost! Dragon Ball for me is in Japanese, original. Then I respect other tastes, but nobody beats a good Japanese version with good subtitles. Saiyajin power for you! 限界を超えたエネルギー!!
Super Saiyan Lusti parle bien de la VF ou je viol ta mère la pute toi
Je vais prendre la vidéo et y ajouter la vostfr :) sur https://dragon-ball-s.com/dragon-ball-super-broly-le-film/
@SimonCowell when CC end and u upload movie ?
The dub complaints are so outdated, bringing up Bruce Faulconer, like that is relevant anymore. lol You can watch all of DBZ dub with the original music. Which is how I prefer, not a fan of Bruce Faulconer. I did find the early dub seasons to be poor and started watching DBZ subbed. However the actors have improved so much over the years and the replacement actors made it even better.
Super_Saiyan_Lusitano : Yes, but as French, we recognize that the old dub was bad, with nonsense and bad voices. DB Kaï is far better but we'll never say it's better than Japanese dub or that Goku has a old woman voice. And if I bring up Falconer, it's because every American fan praise his OST and spit on Kikuchi scores. I'm sorry but listen at this shit https://youtu.be/rMrgSp6WGmc Do you feel the danger ? Do you feel that Goku has lost his best friend ? No he just sounds like he's trying to shit. And that music, my God, it's so flat, it's so annoying. And listen at this https://youtu.be/ASv-74L0b48. If you want to vomit more : US DUB and OST : https://youtu.be/CGWfidTbBnU Japanese : https://youtu.be/wpjruq5pei0 (Just listen at 1:28 what is a REAL scream)
Lol why is this turning into war of the dubs? Everybody knows the best dubs are Speedy and Harmony Gold. :P :D
lmao @ all you weebs who think the jap is far superior. The only reason she is voicing goku is out of japanese stubbornness to not recast goku not because she is a good voice actor. I'm watching a show about manly adult men and having it cast properly is why it always be better than the sub
@solidsnake : No, many voice actors changed. Actually, even Toriyama liked Nozawa's voice for Goku.
@andiandi Totally fine if you prefer Japanese over English Dub but what's with the immaturity? That makes u as shit as the dub fans that shit on Nozawa's Goku in extreme ways. And I'm a non-American and still prefer the dub (But also love the Japanese version) because the voices have a special connection to my nostalgia. Things have changed a lot since DBZ back then. Faulconer music, umm I kinda liked it but still gonna admit JP tracks are superior to them. Now, Funimation doesn't change any background tracks, more loyal to the source material and also has better/improved voice actors. This isn't the old Funimation like back in the Z dub days. Sean Schemmel does a better scream than before, and don't you dare insult Chris Sabat's Vegeta. Sabat is literally perfect at that role.
What's a tint btw? would appreciate an explanation.
@SamirParvez Most of the colors in this Rip appear slighty more green in this video, hence Simon's screencaps.