[MlemSubs] JAKQ, Electro-Current Corps Episode 1 - 4 Cards! JAKQ is the Trump!.mkv

2019-01-26 21:15 UTC
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Hello! We're a small group here to bring you something that has been requested for a while, JAKQ! Our Translator was supposed to say stuff here, but she's sadly unavailable for the moment, so I'll be talking instead. This project came upon a friend of the translator complaining about how there were no subs, and the translator, realising that she could help. She assembled a crew of a Native Japanese speaker that she knew, her boyfriend (me) and began to work towards a subbed JAKQ! Before our website is set up, we'll all introduce ourselves! Vevvie is the main TL of the group and a trans woman. She's the one making this happen! Sam is a QC and Vevvie's boyfriend. He claims he was roped into this but still works on it diligently. ~~Eiji is a native Japanese speaker who is also fluent in English. He works as a secondary translator and transcribes the episodes.~~ ~~Doron is a German and is also fluent in English. He's encoding while Vevvie is away.~~ Please enjoy the show!

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  • [MlemSubs] JAKQ, Electro-Current Corps Episode 1 - 4 Cards! JAKQ is the Trump! .mkv (307.0 MiB)
We're glad to have you! I understand if you want to do everything from scratch, but Love & Care subs did six episodes and DFF did a single random episode if you think piggybacking off their work would push the process along.
Nice! As a trans woman who's also involved in fansubbing myself, I'm really glad to see more of us in the community!
No Seeds, my Friend.
Great to see a group tackling this series! However, I have had the torrent running for the day and I don't have anything yet.
i've been trying to download this since it got posted & it hasn't moved even 0.01% please do whatever is needed so that we can download this otherwise what's the point of uploading it!

MlemSubs (uploader)

We are all seeding and have been since upload.


No uploaders are connected to this torrent. No downloader has completed a download of this episode. At least one of you MlemSubs uploaders needs to download the torrent file from this page, load the torrent file as though you wanted to download the episode, and hit "start." Doing that will begin transferring data to the rest of us.
Still no successful transfers. Please message us if you need help getting started.

MlemSubs (uploader)

We've found the source of the problem with seeders, but due to some trouble within the group, it may not be available for an unknown length of time, most likely less than a month. Additionally, Doron and Eiji are no longer associated with us. We're looking for staff members to replace him. We apologise for the extended trouble, and are working to get it fixed as soon as possible.
So y'all lost your translators?
MetallicFansubs has released the whole series.