2019-01-21 17:01 UTC
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Risako makes it clear that she knows how far Yui went with Aio. After going on a glassblowing date, Masao tells Risako his feelings. Subs by: NF English Translation: Emily Noguchi *Please consider subbing to NF*

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Thanks for a bloody quick release
Woah awesome! Thank you!
Thanks for the fast release! Wondering if it would be possible to do Ainori Love Wagon as well so I don't have to use NordVPN trials :'( it's like the next closest thing to terrace house
Thanks! This season is winding down with a bang!
Can you upload ep 48?
Is ep48 coming soon pleeeeeease? ?
Apparently it's coming in March according to my friend in Japan
Its already been released, my friend in Japan rang me on the 5th to tel me about it lol
Ive been refreshing constantly... and yes it was released Feb 5th. I wonder whats going on, hopefully its uploaded soon.

Shamzy (uploader)

Hey guys, both last episodes have been released... just thinking of how to upload it without screen recording
I personally don't care as long as I can read the subtitle text but that's just me @Shamzy
Shamzy, I had to create an account to thank you for your work. Looking forward to seeing the last few episodes. Thank you!
Hi Shamzy, thank you for pulling through. I would really appreciate it if you would release the episodes of the new May season as well since the other uploader can't be trusted with a schedule.
@qwertqqqq sorry/not sorry for taking vacations once in awhile... Go sub to netflix and pay for a VPN, your schedule will be absolutely perfect <3
Hi there @Shamzy ! Hope you can cover the new one as well. I'm no longer able to log-in on my old NF account (old ver) :(