Remember11 -The Age of Infinity- [English Patched v2.1] [ULJM05444][PSP Remaster] [PS3 PKG]

2019-01-21 04:06 UTC
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### **I've made a very nice looking PSP Remaster of Remember11 using good photos, & MINIS2 settings.** TESTED on PS3 Rebug CFW only (don't know if it works on OFW) PSP ISO at **Also if the torrent is slow or not working, try downloading it at!btwBFAgT Key: A-DctpRaMF81ZK-a1F1xHQ** Note my MediaFire files are down & will most likely be gone, for now, will be uploading to Mega, **PW is my name.** ![alt text]( "Cover") **Title:** Remember11 -The Age of Infinity- **Genre:** Visual Novel **Year:** April 16, 2009 **Developer:** ‎ Cyberfront **Publishers:** KID **Language:** English **Description:** The game is the third entry in the Infinity series; it is preceded by Never 7: The End of Infinity and Ever 17: The Out of Infinity, and followed by 12Riven: The Psi-Climinal of Integral and Code_18. The game follows Cocoro Fuyukawa and Satoru Yukidoh, who frequently experience a phenomenon that makes their minds switch place with each other, putting them in the other person's body. Cocoro is stuck in a blizzard in an emergency cabin on a mountain together with three other people, while Satoru is in an institute for the treatment of mentally ill criminals, having lost his memory. The player takes the role of Cocoro, and reads the story while occasionally making choices that affect the course of the story, attempting to keep her alive for seven days; after doing so, they are able to play through the seven days from Satoru's perspective as well. **Update! Version 2.1:** (critical) Fixed a game-breaking crash at the end of the first chapter, which sneaked into the previous patch. Added translation of the paragraph in TIP093 (Satoru), which was missing in the PC version of the game. See Github link for more details. Report any issues on GitHub. **Important:** Minor graphical errors that are gone as soon as they are seen. I think the new patch fixed this error. **Screenshots:** ![alt text]( "XMB") ![alt text]( "By the way, that loli is a boy! If that name does not give it away.") ![alt text]( "D1") ![alt text]( "D1") **P.S. I'm working on more PSP for PS3. If you have any ideas, let me know.**

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This is greatness! Thanks for the good work!